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Bonding Behind Bars

Woman breastfeeding

Christa Meyertons had been locked up for three months at the Travis County jail when she went into labor and was rushed to the hospital. While a guard looked on, the 21-year-old Austinite gave birth to her son, Eric. After four days of recovery, she and Eric went their separate ways. She returned to jail and he went home with Meyertons’ parents.

“I wanted to be there for all the normal things, like seeing him take his first bath,” Meyertons said in an interview at the jail. “When they took him away and I had to come back here, it was really heartbreaking.”


Garcia-Ditta A. 12/01/2015 Bonding Behind BarsThe Texas Observer.

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6 years ago

That’s wonderful news! A mother and hewborn should he able to do so, happy story:) A step in the right direction. Someone needs to start teaching county jails how to be HUMANE!

6 years ago

As a Registered Nurse and IBCLC Lactation Consultant, I love this program. My concern is for the mother to maintain lactation, she must pump when she is not breastfeeding. Does the jail allow or provide opportunities for this ? I would love to share this concept with the local Louisiana jail systems.