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RIP Amy Lynn Cowling, 1977–2010

May 12th, 2016 | Category: Gregg County, Stories



Tomorrow will be the second Mother’s Day spent without my beautiful Mama. There hasn’t been a day yet that I didn’t think about her and the wonderful memories she left behind. She was a beautiful person with a good heart and the best of intentions. If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve thanked her for the life she blessed me with as well as the unconditional love she had for me, my brother, and my sister. We miss you so much, Mom… I know if you were alive now, you’d be proud. With the love and support of each other… we’ve grown up alot. I just wish you were here to see…. I love you, and I know in my heart… I’ll see your beautiful face again oneday. ♥

Aunt Vivian: “From the time Amy was born, she was a happy outgoing person. She was full of love and loved by all. We will miss her smile, her hugs and her love. Amy was taken much too early and without just cause. I want everyone to know she was a special niece, sister, mother, grandmother, granddaughter and daughter. We will miss her.
May God be with all of those who are responsible for taking her from us. Justice is mine said the Lord! We Love you, AMY….”

Aunt Lisa: “Amy was so full of love for her kids and her family. She was so funny because she wore her hair different everyday to put smiles on everyone’s faces.”

Aunt Tina Kay: “Amy liked strawberry milk when she was a baby and we were over at Ray and Vicki’s house one day, and Vicki was trying to get her to drink something else and Amy was throwing a fit to get her strawberry milk. She was standing up in the baby bed, hitting the walls and shaking the baby bed and screaming that she wanted her ‘trawberry milk over and over again.
After Amy grew up, her favorite snack was waffles and peanut butter.”

Summer Kay, cousin: “When I spent the weekend over there when we were young (5 to 12 years old) we use to stay up all night watching movies and eating as much candy as possible and just laughed all night.”

Uncle Ray Taylor: “When we used to go their house when she was little, she was always primping, and she would always be trying to get her brother Joey in trouble, too.”

FOR THOSE WANTING TO READ THE NEWS STORIES ABOUT AMY LYNN’S DEATH IN THE GREGG COUNTY JAIL: check out stories under the Gregg County listings like NewsOnAmyCowlingDeath

To you who left the message about being in with her: send an email to Amy  Lynn’s mom please!

I am Amy’s Mom…please get in touch. Please.
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9 years ago

I was there when this happened

9 years ago

I am Amy’s Mom…please get in touch. Please.

robyn delephimne
5 years ago

My mother died in upshur county jail 12/13/2006. Donna Raylene Delephimne. If you have any spare time plz email me.