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Trapped in Texas: Announcing 30 First-Person Stories of Pre-trial Detention

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The international human rights organization Fair Trials published a profile of our Jailhouse Stories project today. We are glad that people across the world will learn about inhumane conditions in Texas jails--and learn about them in the voices of regular people. It's a global movement!

Jailhouse Stories: Effects of Pre-trial Detention is a new, first-person voices project that reveals the crises in pre-trial detention in Texas, in the words of those affected most. More than thirty people detail the experiences they or their loved ones suffered—from bewilderment over months or years spent awaiting trial, to a lack of basic resources like adequate clothing, food and toilet paper, to death by medical neglect and preventable suicide.


Young, A. 06/01/2016 Trapped in Texas: Announcing 30 First-Person Stories of Pre-trial DetentionFair Trials.

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