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Mar 1st, 2017 | Category: Lead Article

In our collection of Jailhouse Stories: Voices of Pretrial Detention in Texas, you can read about Nathan King. He had experienced mental illness and like many others in our broken system, he was held for many months on minor charges—unconvicted and neglected. He left behind children, including his son Rashad, (left) as well as a loving mother, uncle and a community that misses him.

It took some courage and determination for the three Polk County mothers to come to Austin this week, to speak to their legislators. We honor them: Timmie King, Judy Bogany, Ronda Wills.

We expect our county jails to take care of our parents, partners, and children—and when they do not, we believe that the facility and its officers should be held accountable. Texas Jail Project will fight the good fight,  to make that happen. Please go to the donate button on the front page of this website for information on how you can keep our work going. Any amount will help!

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