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WALLER COUNTY Chelsea Schehr’s Story

Chelsea Schehr

TJP's executive director Diana Claitor was quoted in this Houston Chronicle article about the shameful treatment of a mother in Waller County jail.

When authorities booked Chelsea Schehr into the Waller County Jail last month, they determined during an intake interview that the 24-year-old needed to be on suicide watch. So they took away her clothes, as standard precaution, and issued her a thick blanket.

This complicated a personal matter: Schehr was on her period. Waller County does not provide tampons. And they do not let inmates deemed at risk of harming themselves wear underwear, so she could not have a feminine hygiene pad.

Schehr, who maintains she was not suicidal, said one word described her 28-hour detention: Dehumanizing.


Foxhall, E. 05/19/2018 Jails struggle with hygiene for some women inmatesHouston Chronicle.

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