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Dec 14th, 2017 | Category: TJP Newsletter

We added four great board members in 2017: Houstonian anti-human trafficking activist, Allie Franklin; Austin documentarian and media consultant, Matt Gossage; Marietta Bell Noel, 40 years experience in health and human services, volunteer citizen groups, and diversity work; Alycia Welch, Austin-based specialist in criminal justice reform and Director of Policy & Planning at Lone Star Justice Association.

We are answering more critical calls but we need your help ….please!

$20, $200 or $2,000 needed!  Click here to donate. Your tax-deductible donation is
needed now because we are helping more people and receiving fewer donations.

Donate in the name of a loved one or a person who values justice for all. We will place his/her name in the new “Texas Jail Project Honor Roll” on our front page.

Since November 1st, we’ve been helping

  • a mother in a wheelchair in Fort Bend County, whose caregiver, a 19 year old son with mental disabilities, is being held in an isolation cell in their county jail
  • a young man in Williamson County Jail, found incompetent to stand trial, not receiving psychiatric care, deteriorating; his family now told state hospitals are full and he could be held jailed for months
  • a pregnant woman in Walker County Jail who is losing weight and neglected despite pain.

Our months of advocacy resulted in a Texas family’s loved one being moved to a psychiatric hospital after 7 months in an isolation cell. Her sister (left) met with TJP’s director in person for the first time last week.

“I am speechless—WE ARE SO GRATEFUL.  We understand we can say thanks all day, but donations are what you guys need to keep y’all going and help folks like my sister.”

Success Stories of 2017

  • TJP recently enlisted the aide of national group Moms Rising to gain the release of Kandace, a young at-risk pregnant woman, from the Beaumont jail
  • Our board president helped a family seeking release of a 19-year-old arrested during a mental crisis in Montgomery County. After weeks of advocacy, John was released and charges dropped
  • TJP’s director is now speaking to lawmakers about legislation requiring jails to obtain medical records of pregnant women because many jails are not getting the records containing essential information about each woman’s history
  • We are working with legislators to see that incarcerated veterans don’t lose their benefits, based on TJP’s collaboration with a veteran’s family in Collin County.

The mission of Texas Jail Project is to empower Texas families to find services and solutions for incarcerated loved ones in crisis and to transform Texas county jails into more humane, healthier facilities.

The Texas Jail Project was formed in 2006 to call attention to the widespread abuse and neglect of some 65,000 women and men in approximately 245 county facilities in Texas.The death penalty and abuses in our prisons are critical issues, but we must pay attention to the suffering in our local jails. For example, from 2005 to 2016, the state of Texas executed 202 prisoners, and during the same time, 1,058 people have died in our county jails, from reasons that include suicide and medical neglect. TJP is working on all levels to bring down that number by improving jails conditions and increasing oversight.

Some 70% of inmates in local jails are pretrial detainees, and many are incarcerated there because of mental illness, homelessness or poverty. See our two-year story project at Jailhouse Stories: Voices of Pretrial Detention in Texas.

TJP helps families report problems to the right people to get action; we publicize inmates’ stories and we work on legislation, such as the 2009 and 2015 laws that banned shackling of women in labor and mandated a study of how jails treat pregnant inmates.

The Jail Project of Texas does business as Texas Jail Project. We are non-profit dependent on public donations. If you can give any amount, please click here.

Contact Us:
The best way to reach us: info@texasjailproject.org
Leave a phone message at:  (512) 469-7665

 Please make any size donation at PayPal or mail check to:
Texas Jail Project
1712 E. Riverside Drive, Box 190, Austin TX 78741
Thank you very much. 

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