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Texas Jail Project is proud to announce that the Hogg Foundation is funding a two-year Peer Policy Fellowship at TJP!

May 11th, 2018 | Category: Lead Article
Great news for our advocacy for people experiencing mental illness/substance abuse issues and involved in the criminal justice system! The Hogg Foundation is funding a position for “a Peer Policy Fellow who brings direct experience into the conversations about mental health, addiction, and criminal justice reform.” The mentor will be the renowned Dr. Lynda Frost, formerly associate director of the Hogg Foundation. With this position, our work and the lived experience of a peer policy fellow will advance important issues and increase awareness of stakeholders and the public.

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1 Comment
Veronica R Morales
3 years ago

My mentally ill son is in Dallas County North Tower awaiting transfer for processing to Texas State Prison. We are well aware of what is allowed in mail & have sent letters daily, but he has not received any mail since last Tuesday, (one week as of today). Also, we hired a new appeals attorney who visited on Monday & the County Jail never came (after several requests) to open the door for his signature on the contract. So, it too had to be sent by mail costing time in the appeals filing process which is very short to begin with.

How do I find out what’s going on? Answers from Dallas County information in person or by phone are near impossible to get.