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Jul 31st, 2019 | Category: Victoria County

Texas Jail Project supports families in honoring their loved ones who die in county jails—especially since these women and men are often stereotyped and their families denied the respect and sympathy that they deserve after such a tragedy.

Clinton HarringtonClinton Joseph Harrington was born on July 24, 1986. He died on October 18, 2018 while in pre-trial custody in the Victoria County Jail. Information from the Medical Examiner and Texas Rangers raises serious concerns about the conditions of Clinton’s confinement and the circumstances leading up to his death. We have chosen not to comment on the details of that information at this time.

Clinton was 32 years old at the time of his death.

Clinton was born and raised in Victoria, Texas. He was our second child, and my only son. His sister, Brandi Pollard, was 4 years older. There were the usual annoyances of having a little brother, but they grew extremely close as they got older. They were even roommates for a time as adults. They shared a bond that few humans ever forge. They had multitudes of “inside” jokes that only they could appreciate. They drove each other crazy, shared their secrets, and made each other laugh as only siblings can. They loved each other unconditionally. Brandi carries a picture with her now that shows her, at 4 years old, standing on a box at the nursery window in the hospital, waiting for the curtain to open so that she could see her baby brother for the first time. Clinton and Brandi later welcomed a half-brother, Fredrick, and they were both thrilled to have another sibling to love.

Clinton Harrington

From an early age, we called Clinton an “old soul” because he always had insight and wisdom beyond his years. When he was 3 years old, we gave him his own cassette recorder so he could listen to his favorite artists, which included Elvis and Hank Williams. He grew to love almost ALL genres of music!

He had very close relationships with his father, Calvin Harrington, his aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. He had an especially close relationship with his paternal grandparents, Caroline and Larry Harrington, and spent a great deal of time with them.

Clinton grew into an extremely intelligent, inquisitive, and hysterically funny young man. He LOVED being silly, saying and doing things that were unexpected, just to make people laugh. He always saw the world differently. He wanted to know the “Why” of everything! He was a huge history buff, and aspired to be a professor of history. His first goal, however, was to join the military. Sadly, due to extreme scoliosis, that dream went unfulfilled. He had his first corrective back surgery at the age of 17, and experienced chronic pain as a result. He had to endure a 2nd surgery a few years later when it was discovered that the initial hardware was installed improperly. Despite many challenges, Clinton always worked and ALWAYS had a job. He never lost his deep belief in God, nor his kind, loving, generous heart. He would give to others even when he had little for himself.

Clinton Harrington

One of Clinton’s greatest passions in life was fishing. His best friend, Brian Wilborn (aka “Billy Bob”), often said, “If there was a mud puddle in a parking lot, Clinton would fish it!” I believe he found peace in his love for fishing. The water quieted his mind and comforted his soul.

Clinton never married, and had no children. He would never know the joy of holding a part of himself, watching that child grow, or having life beyond his own. We will never attend his wedding or hold one of his children, our grandchildren, the perpetuation of his life. Those dreams are gone.

From the moment Clinton was born, I loved him with every fiber of my being. I just never imagined he would pass from this world inside of a jail under the watch of those whose job it was to keep him safe.

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