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People Bring Powerful Stories to our Racial Equity Workshop

Dec 30th, 2019 | Category: Featured Articles

Stories are powerful tools. With your stories, we can enlighten those who make laws and those who enforce laws about the reality of challenges faced by people of color. This is an opportunity for citizens to describe inadequacies they have experienced in the justice system, in health care, education, housing and jobs and how these gaps in our systems are worse for people of color. However, this isn’t meant to be the story of your whole life.

In our “Telling my Story” workshop, you can tell about a specific experience, such as

—seeking help for a loved one experiencing mental illness and being told there’s a six months waiting list
—the impact of a pregnant woman in jail not receiving proper nutrition or medical care
—how the inability to pay cash bail results in long pretrial detention and more pressure to plead out
—what it’s like to be disrespected and abused because of sexual orientation
—how low expectations and stereotyping by teachers can discourage students
—how jobs and opportunities are lost when people can’t get access to computers
—how difficult it is for a person with a felony background to rent an apartment

Texas Jail Project received a small grant from Communities Foundation of Texas to create the “Telling My Story” workshop. To get an idea of our work, please check out a story from our 2015 project: Jailhouse Stories: Voices of Pretrial Detention in Texas, http://www.jailhousestories.org/rashad-bluejay-gilbert

We’ll have a videographer to shoot short videos, and we’ll also be able to make audio recordings of people’s stories. Others may want to use our questionnaire and write down their answers themselves or be interviewed by us. We encourage participants to use their own names, but if they need to be anonymous, they can use a first name or initials. All participants will give permission for their story to be publicized by signing a release.

Our plan is to distribute these stories at no charge on our website and through local media, churches, law schools, universities, community colleges and nonprofit organizations.

VENUE: 7220 S. Westmoreland, Suite 200

DATE: Saturday January 18th

TIME: 10:30 am to 4 pm

For more information, email:

For more information, contact our Dallas organizer:

Castanita Fitzgerald at fcastanita2010@gmail.com

Kevin Garrett at Kevin.Garrett@texasjailproject.org

Krish Gundu at Krish.Gundu@texasjailproject.org


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