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We need YOU to sign the Harris County Caseload Petition!

Oct 6th, 2020 | Category: Uncategorized

Here’s the petition: https://www.restoringjustice.org/caseloadlimits

In Texas, 81% of people charged with crimes are indigent, meaning that they’re too poor to afford an attorney, so they receive either a public defender or a court-appointed attorney.
Instead of providing an energetic, committed public defender, most judges appoint private court-appointed attorneys giving those private attorneys excessive caseloads. This results in over 70% of felony indigent defendants receiving court-appointed attorneys who exceed recommended caseload limits. Texas Jail Project has seen this most recently with cases in Abilene and Denton, where court-appointed attorneys don’t talk with their clients or discuss a possible defense but simply tell them to accept a plea deal–and if they don’t, warn them they’ll just sit in jail for months or years, awaiting trial.
It’s time for us to demand change NOW. Please go to https://www.restoringjustice.org/caseloadlimits and sign the petition.

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