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Robert is going to a hospital after months in jail!

Jan 9th, 2021 | Category: El Paso County, Families Speak Out

July 2017: “Thank you Texas Jail Project for the wonderful help you gave me dealing with a very difficult situation with a very young loved one jailed & facing a very serious felony charge. A friend suggested I contact Texas Jail Project for help. I am happy to report they did indeed help over a extended period of time [months]. They made many suggestions on how I should proceed and sending me copies of legal forms I would need. A special thanks to Krishnaveni Gundu. She was unbelievable helpful in her tireless efforts to help us. Our situation had a happy ending when the country dropped all charges. I recommend The Texas Jail Project to everyone with a loved one in jail.

July, 2016: “I found your website today, searching on behalf of a loved one who is incarcerated on a nonviolent drug offense and who has been in “administrative segregation” for going on 5 weeks now “for his protection” (he has been in isolation the entire time he’s been incarcerated, has untreated mental health issues, and has caused zero problems to the jail).  I wanted to let you know that I am profoundly grateful for the work that your organization does on behalf of one of our most vulnerable and neglected populations.

Thanks to your website, I now have a strategy for addressing this cruel and totally capricious use of solitary confinement, and some hope.  I’m watching this 20-year-old’s mental health deteriorate from this torture, and for no justifiable reason.   I will be donating to you tonight.  Thank you so much and keep up the good work.”

January 2016: A mother emailed us recently about her disabled son in the Dallas County Jail, that she feared he wasn’t getting the right care. Then came a welcome surprise: she gave props to an officer she met during visitation and repeated what the officer said about the Texas Jail Project:
“When a Sergeant at the Lew Sterret Jail mentioned about you alls project I didn’t know then what she was talking about.
It was another mom there at the jail that day. This lady had a son my sons age about 20 or 21. He was having suicidal thoughts & her son didn’t want to come out and see her & this lady was so hurt. The Sergeant told her don’t cry and the Sergeant had tears in her eyes and she mentioned you all name about the project they have now to help people who is mentally disabled.
The Sergant said I like this project they got now for people in jail. And this lady Sergeant said one day I would love to join this organization. Thank you for responding back. So glad to know some one cares about the mentally disabled.”

December 2015: From the mother of a mentally ill daughter at Travis County Correctional Complex:  “I received a call from KT today, a nurse at TCCC. My daughter signed a release. Many misunderstandings cleared up & all is well…..well, I hope it will be fine but I am reassured and the nurse was able to obtain family history and some of my child’s medical history. that helped so much because my daughter was unable to explain clearly. Very productive call… Without the help of Texas Jail Project, I would not have fingernails left!”

January 2016: An inmate reports on what video visitation is like when his family comes to visit him:  “It’s torture,” he said on a call to Quartz from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice state prison in Huntsville where he is held now after agreeing to a plea deal in 2014 for aggravated sexual assault. “They are essentially cutting you off from all human contact.” The video connection would lag and freeze, he said, not unlike what you would expect from a “laptop with a slow connection.” “With the glitching and all that, you really don’t get the emotional connection. It’s not really the same. It’s like watching them on TV.”

March 2017: When my son was in the county jail, without you guys I’d have been totally lost! Diana wrote me so many emails and even called the jail administrator to find out why I wasn’t being allowed to visit my loved one who was very ill in that jail and he was there for months. Also Texas Jail Project has an awesome board member named Maria Anna Esparza who talked to me about her experiences with a loved one held for years in a county jail and with mental hospitals—sometimes we still talk and keep up with each other. Diana spent several weeks helping me convince my attorney to file a writ of habeas corpus to get my son out of that jail. In about a week, that got my loved one transferred to a hospital.”

April, 2015: Gloria White emailed that “Harris County is trying to improve this jail. Went to visit my son this week at 1200 Baker Street and was thrilled to see they had started installing phones to visit without screaming!
They have added an Inmate Care form to their website…which I have used successfully,  for a problem with my son’s meds, no hot water in cell block, and when there was no working air.
Someone calls you within a day to find out problem, address the issuse and then call back to give you result. That is so important when you have a relative with serious medical problems. Good idea…other jails should follow this program!”

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