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Bexar County

Mentally Ill Prisoners Suffer in San Antonio

Mar 25th, 2013

by Matt Clarke, Prison Legal News, “Bexar County, Texas Fails to Properly Evaluate Mentally Ill Jail Prisoners”   In 2009 the Texas legislature amended a law, codified at Article 16.22 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, with the intent to require early identification of mentally ill jail prisoners so they can receive appropriate treatment and

Texas Jail Project Challenges Bexar County Jail

Mar 6th, 2013

Our request for records from the Bexar County Jail revealed how a jail can gouge when it comes to the price of public information. TJP’s director describes the situation. “The whole point of getting this information was to help a family find out what happened to their son in the last hours of his life,” Claitor, who heads the nonprofit reform-minded Texas Jail Project, told the Current. “Essentially, it felt like a way of blocking the release of this information.”

San Antonio Dad Dies in Bexar County Jail

Sep 2nd, 2012

Thomas “Tommy” Reed Taylor died at the Bexar County Detention Center on August 22, 2012. He was 30 years old.
Tommy’s sister, Tonie is asking anyone in Bexar county who might have been in jail on that day, to please contact her. See her posting
on the Texas Jail Project Facebook page or email her at toniescut@yahoo.com.

Pretrial Holding Hell in Bexar

Aug 1st, 2012

This is from a great site in San Antonio called Bexar County Jail: an UNOFFICIAL information website: http://www.thebexarcountyjail.com Their mission is much like ours in terms of helping families. Their site states: “If anyone has ever tried to find out information from the Bexar County Jail you will understand why a site like this is

The Birth of her Baby in Bexar County Jail

Jun 13th, 2012

I panicked one day when the police came knocking on my door. I pretended not to be home, but they knew that I was. I decided that this was it; my life was a mess and I couldn’t trust anyone. So, hoping to die, I turned on my stove, placed an unused aerosol can into the flames and waited for it to explode, thinking that I would explode along with it. It did explode, but instead of killing me, it ignited my cabinets. I ran out of the apartment unharmed, but the entire apartment burned down. I told God that I was sorry and that I would never try anything like that again. Soon the police carried me away by my arms and pushed me into an EMS vehicle. They asked me if I needed medical attention to which I shook my head, “no.” I did not trust these people and I did not want them to touch me in any way.

Bexar County Lawsuit Notice

Mar 29th, 2012

Were you in the Bexar County jail recently? Please let us know what your experience was and check out this notice of a lawsuit: “I’m an attorney investigating a possible class action lawsuit for inmates at Bexar County Jail who wear contact lenses. If you know anyone who spent time there who suffered harm because they

Bexar County Jailers Problems Glaring

Nov 4th, 2011

As usual Grits For Breakfast knows how provide the context for a story about a jail that seems to have some real problems staffing . . . http://gritsforbreakfast.blogspot.com/2011/09/bexar-jail-personnel-problems-glaring.html Lots of problems cropping up at the Bexar County Jail recently related to personnel issues: Last week, “A Bexar County detention officer was arrested when he was caught

Saher’s Story: a Young Man’s Suffering in Bexar

Oct 24th, 2011

Former inmate Saher describes his experiences in the Bexar county jail during the year and eight months he was held there. His story highlights how inmates with mental illness are often abused or neglected, especially when they are members of a religious minority from another part of the world.  I was arrested in February 2008 when

Guzman Dies in Bexar County Jail and Mother Asks Why

Oct 7th, 2011

On January 4, Ricardo Guzman got a haircut. The 43-year-old San Antonio resident wanted to look good when he turned himself in at court the next day for outstanding drug-possession charges. Guzman had no way of knowing that trusting himself to Bexar County could play a part in his death three days later.

San Antonio: Punishing Inmate Families

Jul 25th, 2010

Some days Sylvia Gomez thinks it is harder for her to get inside the Bexar County Jail to visit her son than it would be for him to break out and come to her. It’s not the strict dress code, invasive security measures or even the agitated and sometimes unruly residents of the imposing red-brick fortress.