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Bosque County

Attorney General orders Bosque County to release information

Oct 14th, 2013

Bosque County Sheriff Anthony Mallot rejected a legitimate request for information about the death of April Troyn, by dragging out a response for almost four months. The AG’s office told Bosque County that the sheriff could not refuse to answer questions by using the old HIPPA/privacy excuse that is used SO OFTEN by Texas county jails. Especially since the four-page Death in Custody report has no medical information that would come under the federal privacy law.
““The Office of the Attorney General has determined the four-page report and summary must be released to the public…” said Kenneth Leland Conyer, an Assistant Attorney General with the office’s Open Records Division. Read this story from the exciting Watchdog Wire.
“Watchdog Wire exists to train citizens just like you to be citizen journalists and provide a place to feature your work. By covering stories in your local community that are otherwise ignored by the establishment media, you can make a difference! We partner with you to provide the training, the platform and the coaching you need to be government watchdogs in your own cities and states.”

Bosque County Jail Death Ruled Suicide

Jun 1st, 2013

April was 36 years old and 22 weeks along in her pregnancy when she was arrested and taken to the Bosque County Jail, on May 2nd. She died there May 4th. Even though her death has been ruled a suicide, her sister and other family and friendshave questions about how this could happen. As in all similar jail deaths, the Texas Rangers are investigating, but Texas Jail Project has concerns about that investigation. Please email help@texasjailproject.org if you have any information.