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McLennan County

Staff recruiting starts for Harwell jail ahead of county takeover

Aug 21st, 2019
Jailer academy training class

Finally, after years of Texas Jail Project and community advocates pushing the McLennan county commissioners and the Texas Commission on Jail Standards to hold LaSalle, the for-profit operator, accountable for all the custody deaths and medical neglect, the county has decided to end its contract and take back its jail.

Larsen, Ling: Stop jail suicides and deaths – here’s how

Jan 6th, 2016

Is Texas providing enough oversight to protect vulnerable people who are jailed, the majority of whom are still considered innocent in the eyes of the law? Despite concerns recently raised by state lawmakers, the answer clearly is, no.

Waco: Lawsuits and Violations in the Jack Harwell Jail

Dec 29th, 2015
Hands in cuffs

TJP staff authored this Waco Tribune guest column about neglect, abuse, and death occurring in Waco's privately run Jack Harwell jail.

McLennan County: Shipping Human Beings for Profit

Apr 7th, 2013

Read this and see if you can find any place where it makes any mention of the detainees as human beings. There is a bit about how it will be a problem for attorneys trying to represent them, but that’s it. Why isn’t there something about the impact on the people involved and their families?
“A deal to send McLennan County inmates to Polk County to make room for more federal detainees in a Waco jail is drawing criticism from a top Polk County official who says his jail has plenty of room for the federal detainees. Some Waco attorneys also are questioning the deal, saying having their clients housed 175 miles away in Livingston would create logistical problems.
McLennan County Judge Scott Felton said officials are working out kinks in the plan. It would take effect only if the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s San Antonio district decides to send more detainees to Waco, which he said would benefit the county financially.”

They are working out the kinks, to make sure that the deal makes more money for the county. This is what we have become, folks.

Houston Radio Interview: Inmates Die in County Jails

Nov 17th, 2010

By John Labus, 740 KTRH, Wednesday, November 17, 2010      A recent analysis suggests the number of illness-related deaths in county jails in Texas is close to the number of deaths in state prisons. Brandon Wood, an assistant director with the Texas Commission on Jail Standards says jail populations are more transient, bringing more

Jailers Must Report on Pregnant Inmates

Jan 21st, 2010

Monday, September 28, 2009, Waco Tribune New state regulations that went into effect this month regarding the treatment of inmates who are pregnant or have mental health issues mostly boil down to paperwork that local corrections officials say they already do. “Most of it is just an extra (box on a form) or item to keep

Carla Ramos Deported

Dec 10th, 2009

Update, 2011: Carla was deported to Mexico and is forced to live a desperate existence in Matamoros, separated from her family and all that she knows. Here is Gail Hanson’s account of all that led up to this situation. “Many of the readers from TJP have been following Carla’s story and several have written to