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Nueces County

RIP Greg Cheek: One of Us

May 25th, 2016
Greg Cheek

From his wife and the mother of his little girl: “Miss and love ya! Greg was a good friend, a loving father, a talented surfer, painter, and had a heart of gold. My husband battled mental health issues and as we all know Texas cut the budget for mental health a huge amount…”

Nueces County Jail: Facts vs. Lies

Jan 27th, 2015

When Sheriff Kaelin talks about his overcrowded jail, he likes to mention all the growth in Corpus and all the criminals in Corpus. A recent TV report dutifully quotes him without analyzing his “facts,” but lucky for us, Grits for Breakfast does. Blogger Scott Henson lays it out in plain Enlish: “Virtually all of the difference in the Nueces County jail population is accounted for by increased pretrial detention, which …. is a policy decision by judges and prosecutors, not a function of “growth.” And keep in mind this is a period when crime rates dramatically declined.” So this is a jail where 62% of the people are awaiting disposition of their cases—pretrial—and THAT is the big fact behind your overcrowding. You don’t need more room in the jail, Sheriff, you need more smarts in the courtrooms.

Wilco family got jail info from TJP’s site

Mar 25th, 2014

Williamson County family says that TJP’s website is gold! Thank you so much for all of this information.  I truly appreciate the work put into making this webpage available.  My husband is currently in Williamson County TX Jail and I was so unsure of many things.  I was able to get the answers to 95% of

Family Sues Nueces County Jail for Son’s Death

Feb 12th, 2013

Maurice Chammah’s story tells how the family has gone to the courts for justice after the death of a greatly beloved 29-year-old son in Corpus Christi. This lawsuit will, we hope, shine a light on the horrible neglect that Greg Cheek suffered while in the Nueces County Jail. Despite training and safeguards, jailers there failed to see past mental illness and blue paint covering Greg, and they ignored his symptoms for days and days.
Click on “Continue Reading” to see the Texas Tribune story. Go to the Voices section of our website to see tributes to Greg that we posted when we found out about his death back in 2011.

Suicide: Family Blames Nueces County Jail

Sep 10th, 2012

“The defendants completely ignored the serious medical and mental health needs of Mr. Salazar during his detention at the Nueces County Jail,” the lawsuit reads.
This statement probably applies to many suicides, according to information and reports gathered by Texas Jail Project.

Nueces County Jail Population Needs Reduction

Feb 6th, 2011

Corpus Christi Caller Times December 7, 2009 Overcrowding is a serious problem at the Nueces County Jail, as reported in our Nov. 22 series, “Paying the price to lock ’em up” With the jail often at 90 percent of capacity or higher, the risks of violence rise. Sheriff Jim Kaelin put it succinctly: “This is going

Nueces Jail Fails Due to Bad Conditions

Jan 17th, 2010

http://www.caller.com/news/2006/jul/01/marshals-state-jail-fails/ The Nueces County Jail failed a surprise state inspection two weeks after U.S. marshals pulled federal prisoners from the jail, the U.S. Marshals Service said Friday. State inspectors gave Sheriff Rebecca Stutts a timeframe to fix problems and said they understood why federal prisoners were removed, according to marshals. State inspectors finished the two-day