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Pretrial detention

Voices from Solitary: Pregnant in Prison, Birth in Shackles

Oct 31st, 2015
People in jail

In 2008, the federal Bureau of Prisons passed a policy prohibiting the use of restraints on women in custody who are in labor, delivery or postpartum recovery. In 2009, Texas passed a law banning the use of shackles on incarcerated pregnant women during labor, delivery and postpartum recovery. But, as both the ACLU of Texas and the Texas Jail Project have found, for women in the state’s prisons, mental hospitals, and county jails, the law has not always been put into practice.

Voices of Pretrial Detention in Texas

Sep 16th, 2015

Jailhousestories.org lets people across Texas describe, in their own words, the often-devastating impact of incarceration in local jails. The contributors come from some 34 Texas counties, revealing issues in both urban and rural facilities, with an emphasis on small to medium-sized jails. This collection of stories from families and individuals across Texas was possible by a generous grant from Public Welfare Foundation.

Bad Bail System Makes for Pre-Trial Limbo

May 27th, 2013

People ask us why are people held in pretrial limbo in jails? One reason is the failed and corrupt process of bail. Here is a first hand account from fact sheet from the Justice Policy Institute. ” … Now I’ve got to sit in jail and wait for you all to come up with a deal

Chicago Breakthrough: Cook County Jail Starts Unit for Moms-To-Be

Jan 4th, 2011
Dart Inmates

Cook County Jail Unveils Wing , Program for Pregnant Inmates Published : Thursday, 09 Dec 2010, 1:07 PM CST, FOX Chicago News Chicago – The Cook County Sheriff’s Department is unveiling a new wing at the jail for pregnant inmates. The area will offer special services like nutrition and parenting classes. Sheriff Tom Dart also

Texas Hold ‘Em

Oct 31st, 2006

By Diana Claitor, for The Lone Star Iconoclast,  2 Oct, 2006 Diane Wilson can’t forget the women she met in the Victoria County jail earlier this year. Four of the eight women who shared her cell had never seen a lawyer even though they had been incarcerated for weeks and even months. All were charged with