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TJP Newsletter

How is Texas Jail Project helping during the COVID-19 crisis?

Apr 23rd, 2020
Detainees wearing face masks

Families with resources and contacts: People in Dallas, Houston, Tyler, Victoria, San Antonio, Texarkana, and other towns are desperate for information about how county jails are protecting their loved ones from the virus. Remember, no visitors are allowed now since COVID-19! Also, no chaplains or educators or volunteers.

Summer 2019 Newsletter

Aug 27th, 2019
70 Million podcast

Texas Jail Project is the focus of two episodes of 70 Million, a national documentary podcast about criminal justice reform. New York journalist and radio producer Rowan Moore Gerety has followed the work of Texas Jail Project for years, and he saw the potential of our history and advocacy for this acclaimed series. The first

Families Speak Out: Their Loved Ones Died in our Jails

Oct 12th, 2015

  Texas families receive support, information and advocacy from our two staffers. We are in critical need of small donations to continue this work! Please go to texasjailproject.org to donate by regular mail or through PayPal. Any amount! Thank you. Email not displaying correctly? Stop Needless Deaths!  The death of Nathan King from an illness he contracted in the

TJP’s New National Partner & 2015 Lege News

Feb 24th, 2015

  The 2015 Texas Legislative Session is underway. Keep reading to find out about the bills that we are supporting. Email not displaying correctly? . Texas Jail Project partners with Nation Inside to tell your Jailhouse Stories! Texas Jail Project kicked off our Jailhouse Stories campaign in 2014, and for the past year we’ve been collecting stories about what

Texas Jail Project takes Jailhouse Stories on the road

Jun 10th, 2014

We need your donation of $50 to help pay the bills! Please send a check to Texas Jail Project, 1712 E. Riverside, Box 190, Austin, TX 78741 or go to our PAYPAL Donation Button…It’s tax deductible! Email not displaying correctly?. TJP heads down the highway to find Jailhouse Stories   Texas Jail Project has created an exciting new project called Jailhouse Stories:

Texas Jail Project saw a lot of action in 2013!

Dec 30th, 2013

Happy new year from Texas Jail Project, and remember: this is your last chance to make a tax-deductible donation in 2013! Email not displaying correctly?.            A family photo of Edwinta Deckard, who died in the                        Nacogdoches County Jail at the age of 53.  

Should Senator Carona Keep County Jails in his Bill?

Apr 22nd, 2013

It is now estimated that more than a quarter of all the inmates held in county jails in Texas are mentally ill people in need of treatment or hospitalization!  Email not displaying correctly?. Texas Jail Project Alert: April 2013 Why Not Look at County Jails Too? Can you call a Texas Senator’s office and voice

Texas Jail Project & A Tale of Two Nonprofits

Dec 26th, 2012

 TJP thanks Grits for Breakfast, The San Antonio Current, and The Texas Tribune for good reporting on jail issues in 2012.      Email not displaying correctly?. A Tale of Two Non Profits:  Helping Those With Nowhere to Turn   “I truly appreciate the important work this organization is doing for a forgotten population. It makes

July 17 Hearing about County Jails at the Capitol

Jul 12th, 2012

 A legislalative committee called County Affairs discusses issues affecting county government in preparation for January’s legislature, and public input is allowed. Email not displaying correctly?. Texas Jail Project Alert: Come to Austin to Speak Out Tuesday!July 17, 2012 Austin Hearing Will Cover County Jail’s Treatment of People in Withdrawal Here is your chance, if you

Good and Bad News from Texas Jail Project

Mar 3rd, 2012

Texas Tribune writes about Harris County Jail and Texas Jail Project Email not displaying correctly?. Change-up the Lockup! Harris County Jail, March 2012  The good news? Last month: Harris County Jail announced it was stopping the practice of releasing inmates at night, just like our Safe Release bill proposed! The bad news: In Travis and