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TJP Newsletter

During This Crisis, We’re Creating Solutions!

Oct 15th, 2020

Did you know that thousands of poor people are getting an extremely low quality of defense – no visits, no investigation, no research, no plan, no hope–in the Houston courts? Click below to listen to people in Harris County Jail telling us about their experiences with their court appointed attorneys: https://twitter.com/TxJailProject/status/1314961594380685313?s=19 Join Texas Jail Project and a powerful

New leadership at TJP!

Jul 8th, 2020

Co-founder Krish Gundu transitioned into the role of executive director this month, and Dalila Reynoso has joined us as community advocate and organizer! Krish Gundu has been a part of Texas Jail Project since co-founding it with three other women in 2006, and as of July, 2020, she has moved into the position of executive

How is Texas Jail Project helping during the COVID-19 crisis?

Jun 23rd, 2020
Detainees wearing face masks

Families with resources and contacts: People in Dallas, Houston, Tyler, Victoria, San Antonio, Texarkana, and other towns are desperate for information about how county jails are protecting their loved ones from the virus. Remember, no visitors are allowed now since COVID-19! Also, no chaplains or educators or volunteers.

Texas Jail Project on KXAN News Facebook Live

May 22nd, 2020

STORIES, INSIGHTS, EXPERIENCES … Join Texas Jail Project’s Executive Director Diana Claitor at 3:30 CT today on Facebook Live with KXAN News for a discussion of our stories featured in their ‘Locked in Limbo’ series about persons with mental illness stuck in county jails. Diana will share insights from the hundreds of stories that Texas Jail

2019 Texas Jail Project Year-End Newsletter

Dec 31st, 2019

What do you say to a family begging for help for their child? Their 17 year old in Taylor County Jail was denied medical care for a staph infection and was in the midst of his third surgery before his family found out. How do you help families being stonewalled when they seek the medical

Southwest of Salem

Nov 19th, 2019

Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four explores the nightmarish persecution of Elizabeth Ramirez, Cassandra Rivera, Kristie Mayhugh, and Anna Vasquez — four Latina lesbians wrongfully convicted of sexually assaulting two little girls in San Antonio, Texas. They were 19 and 20 years at the time of the allegations. The film begins

Summer 2019 Newsletter

Aug 27th, 2019
70 Million podcast

Texas Jail Project is the focus of two episodes of 70 Million, a national documentary podcast about criminal justice reform. New York journalist and radio producer Rowan Moore Gerety has followed the work of Texas Jail Project for years, and he saw the potential of our history and advocacy for this acclaimed series. The first

Six Bills Inspired by Texas Jail Project Need Your Support Now!

Mar 22nd, 2019

Why did Ellis County jailers refuse to transport a woman in labor, resulting in her giving birth on the floor of her cell and the baby dying? Why can’t we find out how many people of color are incarcerated in our county jails? Do any commissioners at the Texas Commission on Jail Standards—the people who

“It’s almost like they don’t think of us as human.”

Dec 21st, 2018

There are about 350 pregnant women locked up in Texas county jails this December. So why do our jails continue to hold pregnant women on minor charges, pretrial — at Christmas? Most have low level non-violent cases, and some are living with mental illness, while others, like 22-year-old Kandace, have a high-risk pregnancy. She was

I am the forgotten vet in your county jail

Dec 13th, 2018

Are there vets languishing in your local jail? You may not realize that some counties don’t have veterans courts, and in the ones that do, most won’t take a case involving a vet charged with a felony. Like Nick, who wasn’t eligible even though he had not actually hurt anyone and had no criminal record.