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Wichita County

Bad Medical Care in the Wichita Jail

May 14th, 2013

How many county sheriff’s offices cut corners and put somebody in charge of inmates’ medical care who isn’t even close to being qualified? It takes a lawsuit, as usual, to expose the wrongdoers and hold those in charge accountable. The Wichita County jail has a record–of neglect and bad medical care. For example, look at the federal case filed after the tragic death of Jason Brown in 2004. His estate sued the previous Sheriff, Thomas Callahan, for failure to train and supervise the jail’s medical employees and for maintaining an unconstitutional policy of deliberate indifference to detainees’ serious medical needs. Are there others?

Deadly Doctor at Wichita Falls Jail

Jun 29th, 2011

Via Time Record News By Kenneth Fibbe, 6/25/11 The widow of a man who died in the Wichita County Jail called the jail’s treatment of her husband “cruel and unusual” and is suing Wichita County, Wichita County Sheriff David Duke and jail-contracted physician Dr. Daniel Bolin for not giving her husband the medical attention she

Inmates Sleeping on Jail Floor

Jan 10th, 2010

COMMISSIONERS VOTE TO RENEW JAIL TRANSFER CONTRACT Some Wichita County inmates could soon find themselves housed in Montague County. This morning, Wichita County commissioners voted to renew a contract allowing transfers, all to help ease overflow of inmates. The transfers cost about $35 a day per inmate. This summer, the jail saw a record number