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Numbers of Women In Jails and Prisons

Feb 9th, 2012

Journalist Leonard Sipes Jr. cites revealing numbers about women inmates in Texas jails, in his report about incarcerated women.”In Texas, women were more likely than men to be clinically depressed, to have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder and to be diagnosed with lung disease and sexually transmitted diseases. “

Babysteps: Can Texas’ New Approach to Prisoners with Newborns Help Keep Families Together?

Dec 31st, 2011

Texas Jail Project is a group that works on issues to do with county jail, not Texas prisons – and since there are 245 county jails in Texas, we have our work cut out for us. But my work as a writer drew me to a non-jail topic; when a friend raved to me about the women and babies at the BAMBI program I knew I wanted to explore that in a story. Here it is in the new Texas Observer: http://www.texasobserver.org/cover-story/babysteps

Summer Camps for Kids with An Incarcerated Parent

Dec 10th, 2011

Promise Camps are summer camps for children of the incarcerated and they are tuition free! One of the Promise Camps is near Amarillo, Texas. This Promise Camp is located on the Bishop Quarterman Ranch and is open to children entering 4th, 5th, and 6th grades.There are other camps, like one called Camp Good News, which is near Navasota, in East Texas.
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Visiting Comal County Jail?

Oct 21st, 2011

Friends and loved ones of inmates in Comal County Jail tell us this: 1. First of all, it helps to look at their website, and check out the visitation schedule – but sometimes they don’t  tell everything you need to know. 2. Write to your loved one and tell him to put you on their visitor list.

Our Website Helps Diane Figure Out Dallas Jail

Sep 20th, 2011

I started looking online at the Office Website of Dallas County, Texas to find out about an inmate incarcerated at Lew Sterrett.  The official website for Dallas County continuously kept showing the statement “The page you are looking for is no longer available.  Please search below,” with a Search Box and Search Button to click on. 

Summer Camps for kids with an incarcerated parent

May 4th, 2011

East Texas: Camp Allen – Camp Good News, Navasota Texas, Camp Good News website This camp in the Piney Woods is open to children between the ages of 10 and 15. Camp Good News will be held June 9 – 14, 2013. There is no cost to the parent or caregiver, however, participation is limited to

Ft. Bend Sent Inmates Far Away

Jan 20th, 2010

The Fort Bend Star published a letter by Sue Ann Lorig (“Sending Prisoners to Another Facility Disturbing,” April 16, 2008) about the Ford Bend County Commission’s decision to send county prisoners over 500 miles away to the Dickens County Correctional Center. Local resident Sue Ann Lorig is a volunteer for Texas Jail Project.

Carla Found Innocent—But Not Freed!

May 9th, 2009

The tragic story of Carla Ramos continues—a travesty of justice that she has endured for more than three and a half years while her children grow up without her. She was found innocent of the capital murder charges by a jury of her peers in Brownsville and yet DA Villalobos continued to misrepresent the situation

Women in the Travis County Jail Have “PRIDE”

Apr 24th, 2009

When you turn off of Highway 71 onto Farm Road 973 it feels, for a moment, like you have finally reached the edge of Austin. The fields on your left open up into a dark green sea scattered with white and blue flowers that fade off into the hazy distance. On the right sits the Travis County Correctional Complex, an enormous, ominous-looking compound.

Abilene, Abilene, Meanest Jail I Ever Seen!

Oct 14th, 2008

The TEXAS HELLHOLE AWARD was presented, October 15: “In Sad Recognition of the TAYLOR COUNTY JAIL …..which fails to provide a safe and humane environment for the fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, sons and daughters of Abilene who are incarcerated there.” Awarded by Diane Wilson and Diana Claitor co-founders of the Texas Jail Project We had