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El Paso detainees are paid $2 an hour to handle COVID victims

Nov 22nd, 2020

In this video news story from Newsy, Krish Gundu, executive director and co-founder of the advocacy group Texas Jail Project, spoke about the risk to these incarcerated people in El Paso being paid $2 an hour for moving bodies.
“We have a callous disregard for human life. … We think it’s OK to put them in these risky situations, while at the same time denying them access to testing and medical care and free phone calls with their families,” Krish Gundu said. 
“Is this what you would pay an essential worker who would be doing the job if you didn’t have an inmate to do the job?” said Gundu. “I mean, why the difference? If you’re treating them as if you’re making them do essential work, are they going to have access to the vaccines when they come on? Are they going to be one of the first people to get those vaccines? There is no equity in that conversation.”