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Indigent defendants in Comal County first in U.S. to pick attorneys

Dec 30th, 2014

“The issue of trust has long been part of the larger discussion about the quality of indigent defense in the United States.” There’s an understatment. Texas Jail Project is certainly aware of the “issue of trust,” since hundreds of people have complained to us over the past seven years about the lack of quality work by court appointed attorneys.
“Now, Comal County in Central Texas will be the first in the country to let these individuals choose their attorneys at government expense.It’s part of a pilot program in Comal County that could determine whether the idea is adopted in other jurisdictions and provide a new way for how the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments are exercised.
Under the system, a defendant who is declared indigent will be given a list of 30 to 50 attorneys approved by the county. An individual will have a day to make a choice.”
It’s about time. Thanks to the Texas Indigent Defense Commission.