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The Death of Nathan Pierce

Jul 30th, 2012

Texas Jail Project is concerned, as are many people, about a person with mental disorders being shot to death during transport to a state hospital. Our deepest sympathies to his mother and the rest of the family. We are shocked to hear from them that there were no charges and no further investigation of this death and that the family has been left high and dry. . . what kind of county treats the loved ones of its citizens like this? Texas Jail Project supports efforts to find out more about how this officer came to shoot an unarmed person on the way to ta hospital. There is a link to a newstory about the shooting of Nathan Pierce by a Grayson County deputy on the next page, along with an obituary we obtained online.

El Paso Findings on the Death of Sgt. Brown

Jul 27th, 2012

Texas Jail Project would like to know what has happened since the medical examiner said the death of Sgt. James Brown last September was due to “natural causes.” There are so many unanswered questions! We would like to hear from Sgt. Brown’s family, and hope they will email us at help@texasjailproject.org.
Sgt. James Brown died after being forceably injected in his El Paso jail cell. The tragic death of this 26-year old man deserves a much more in depth investigation and more testing, and questions need to be asked, like. . . . who made the decision to inject Sgt. Brown with a sedative?

Mother of Sgt. Brown Asks Why He Died in the Jail

Jul 26th, 2012

Sgt. James Brown, 26, of Fort Bliss, voluntarily checked into the El Paso County jail on July 13 to serve a three day sentence for a DUI and died while in jail custody July 14 after being given an injection apparently intended to sedate him. His family said Brown was not a combative individual.
His mother, Dinetta Scott, was quoted in the Imperial Valley Press this week, saying, ““I just believe they killed my son,” said Scott. “I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but they killed my son.”
The Texas Jail Project awaits results of the investigation into this tragic death.

Death of Edwinta Deckard Changes Nacogdoches Jail

Jul 11th, 2012

A Texas Ranger investigation actually finds a jail and its staff responsible for the death of a person in their custody, due to lack of medical care! This outcome is rare and Texas Jail Project is relieved to see it happen. Even more importantly, the Nacogdoches Commissioners Court took steps to prevent other deaths by creating a new position who will advise jailers on procedures and practices to follow when dealing with ill or injured inmates. We hope that people in Nacogdoches County will let us know if there is any improvement in the medical care in that jail.

Why Did George Koomson Die in Dallas County Jail?

May 3rd, 2012

Another man is dead after being “restrained” in the Dallas county jail. While Dallas has worked hard to pass inspections by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, questions remain: is there something fundamentally wrong with the culture or the command? Are too many guards required to work overtime in a high stress environment? Whatever problems exist, Sheriff Valdez must find out and prevent further deaths. We don’t want to keep reading line’s like this one: “At issue is the question of whether restraint by the jail officers caused or contributed to the Nov. 10, 2011 death of George Barnes Koomson.”
Our sympathies to the family of George Koomson.

Death in the Orange County Jail Infirmary: Why?

Nov 20th, 2011

A death in the Orange County jail infirmary reveals possible medical neglect. Texas Jail Project wishes the inmates who witnessed this man’s death would contact us (EMAIL help@texasjailproject.org or CALL 512 597 8746)
The way an Orangefield man died in the Orange County jail last week, isn’t sitting well with a Beaumont man tonight.

Montano dies at the Orange County Jail

Oct 26th, 2011

The death of an Orange County correctional facility inmate is under investigation by the Texas Rangers. Forty-one year-old Robert Montano had been in the jail’s infirmary since his arrest. Acadian ambulance and the Orange Fire Department were dispatched early yesterday morning to attempt life-saving techniques on Montano, but they were unsuccessful. An autopsy is planned.

Montano Dies in Orange County Jail Infirmary

Oct 20th, 2011

An inmate at the Orange County Correctional Facility died Wednesday morning from undisclosed medical issues. Robert Montano, 41, of Orange was pronounced dead by Justice of the Peace Derry Dunn after paramedics were unable to save him around 5 a.m., according to a news release from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Montano was originally booked into the

Falls County Jail Death

Oct 9th, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011 4:35 PM EST</em> by Brandon Hartman FALLS COUNTY –   The State Jail Standards Commission is now asking for all records in connection to a 32-year old found dead in a Falls County Detention Center jail cell at 3:48 a.m. Tuesday morning. Falls County EMS service was notified and responded to the

Inmates Dying Faster in County Jails

Oct 8th, 2011

In this article by Alex Horvath, we see that more and moref people are DYING in county jails – and not just in Texas. But because Texas has so many county jails with so many inmates, the numbers here are depressingly high. While some would have died anyway, many die directly as a result of poor care and neglect. Texans can change this by asking more questions and paying attention to the way their county is running their jail. Churches and civic groups and even indicviduals can promote programs and activities to change the jails from isolated incubators of illness and more crime.