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Nathan Green tragedy in Slate magazine article

Jun 22nd, 2017

TJP highlighted the tragic death of Nathan Green from the first moment we heard from his loving family in Livingston, Texas. It was inconceivable that a healthy man could contract TB in the jail and not be treated or his family notified until he was unconscious in a local hospital. Now Slate, a national online magazine, found his story through our website “Jailhouse Stories: Voices of Pretrial Detention in Texas” and interviewed the family to feature in their article on deaths in custody. (go to next page for Slate link & story)
Texas Jail Project has come to know Nathan’s family and other Livingston families who have lost loved ones to the Polk County criminal justice system. We are proud of how they are pursuing justice like they did at the recent legislature and are now doing in the courts. The family keeps Nathan’s light shining.

A GEO Group Rap Sheet: For-Profit Misery and Death

Nov 22nd, 2013

This article looks at Geo Group and asks what they are delivering for the big bucks they are making? Turns out it’s a bad deal for prisoners, guards and for the rest of us too. GEO’s cost-cutting measures have resulted in “inadequate training, low pay, and high turnover of corrections staff as well as chronic understaffing. Further allegations of civil rights abuses and medical neglect have resulted in individual and class-action lawsuits brought against the company.”

Gregg County Jail’s Deadly “Treatment”

Mar 27th, 2013

Another Longview mother saw her son die because of Gregg County’s policies last week.
“I told them he needed his medication,” said Betty Madewell, referring to 51-year-old Bobby Madewell. “His doctor had prescribed him Xanax, and I told them he needed his Xanax or he would start having seizures.”
(Click on CONTINUE READING to see the excellent story from the Longview News-Journal, a local paper holding county officials accountable. They asked challenging questions, provided the background of similar deaths there, and published the list of terrible symptoms accompanying Xanax withdrawal.)

Gregg County on Trial in the Death of Amy Lynn

Jan 9th, 2013

Amy Lynn Cowling’s day in court is finally here–not a moment too soon for her family. It’s been just a little over two years since her three teen-age children, her mother, and the rest of her family found out that Amy Lynn had died right after Christmas in the Gregg County Jail. Amy Lynn’s relatives say they will wear purple, because that was her favorite color, but they dread what they will hear in open court, because some of the details of Amy Lynn’s last hours are painful and heartrending. The federal trial against Gregg County begins January 22nd in the U.S. District Court at Marshall.
Please continue reading for the Longview News-Journal’s latest story as well as a link to the excellent Texas Tribune article from 2011 by Brandi Grissom.