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2011 Report on Medical Care in Texas Prisons

Jan 11th, 2012

In our county jails, medical care is often worse or non-existent,  but they didn’t cover jails in this report! Prisoners’ Right to Medical Care in Texas Important point from the report, “Prisoners’ Right to Medical Care under the U.S. Constitution “ “The Supreme Court, in Estelle v. Gamble, established “the government’s obligation to provide medical care

Abilene Mom Thanks TJP

Dec 31st, 2011

I would like to thank Diane and Diana and the Texas Jail Project for coming to Abilene and showing the medical neglect and mistreatment of inmates in the Taylor County Jail. She listened to our stories when everyone else had a dead ear.

Adan Castaneda Comes Home from Iraq – To Jail

Dec 20th, 2011

Iraqi veteran Adan Castaneda sat in the Comal County Jail in an isolation or ad seg cell for more than six months without any treatment for his mental illness. There is no way to know how that affected his condition; however, he has been moved and is receiving treatment finally, after his family’s persistent efforts and with the assistance of generous attorneys. See the San Antonio Current story about him here. . .

Galveston Jail Sued for Horrible Injuries

Dec 1st, 2011

9/24/2011 4:28 PM By John Suayan, Galveston Bureau GALVESTON – A paralyzed inmate with Texas Department of Criminal Justice alleges his rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act have been violated since he was first incarcerated. In a $2 million lawsuit filed Sept. 16 in the Galveston Division of the Southern District of Texas, Donald Ray

Death in the Orange County Jail Infirmary: Why?

Nov 20th, 2011

A death in the Orange County jail infirmary reveals possible medical neglect. Texas Jail Project wishes the inmates who witnessed this man’s death would contact us (EMAIL diana@texasjailproject.org or CALL 512 597 8746)
The way an Orangefield man died in the Orange County jail last week, isn’t sitting well with a Beaumont man tonight.

Medical Neglect of Pregnant Inmates Common in U.S. Jails

Nov 10th, 2011

This article points to shocking negligence of incarcerated women who find themselves pregnant – and not just in Texas. Rachel Roth precisely describes the many ways jail staff fail to recognize and deal with women’s special needs, especially when they ignore signs of labor which leads “to women giving birth locked in their cells without any assistance.” See the remarkably forthright Texan Lisa Mijares, who stepped up at a prayer vigil in Abilene to describe what she endured giving birth in her cell after begging for help: http://www.texasjailproject.org/2010/10/lisa-gave-birth-alone-in-taylor-county-cell/

El Paso Man Prepares for Death in Jail, Says Family

Nov 3rd, 2011

The Gomez family joined demonstrators at Occupy E Paso because they said that their father, a a U.S. citizen, is not receiving necessary treatment for his kidney condition and has lost some 100 pounds while in the Otero County Jail. According to he U.S. Marshals, Samuel Gomez is getting all the care he needs. Texas Jail Project asks the Gomez family to email diana@texasjailproject.org . . . . .

Inmates Dying Faster in County Jails

Oct 8th, 2011

In this article by Alex Horvath, we see that more and moref people are DYING in county jails – and not just in Texas. But because Texas has so many county jails with so many inmates, the numbers here are depressingly high. While some would have died anyway, many die directly as a result of poor care and neglect. Texans can change this by asking more questions and paying attention to the way their county is running their jail. Churches and civic groups and even indicviduals can promote programs and activities to change the jails from isolated incubators of illness and more crime.

The World Is Looking at Our Jails!

Sep 10th, 2011

“This comes as the United Nations released a report in early June, confirming allegations of serious rights violations that women face inside American prisons and other correctional facilities. “Inadequate access to health services in prison and detention facilities is characterized by delays, neglect, and mistreatment of inmates and detainees,” the UN report said.”

Aaron’s Mother Speaks Out: Will Texas Listen?

Aug 1st, 2011
Micah Reese

30-year-old Micah Aaron Garner died in the Gregg County Jail just six months after 33-year-old Amy Lynn Cowling died in the jail. Both had told jail officials they were addicted to methadone and had other medical issues as well. Both died in the throes of untreated withdrawal. Here is a statement by his mother sent to us July 31st.