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Inmates Dying Faster in County Jails

Oct 8th, 2011

In this article by Alex Horvath, we see that more and moref people are DYING in county jails – and not just in Texas. But because Texas has so many county jails with so many inmates, the numbers here are depressingly high. While some would have died anyway, many die directly as a result of poor care and neglect. Texans can change this by asking more questions and paying attention to the way their county is running their jail. Churches and civic groups and even indicviduals can promote programs and activities to change the jails from isolated incubators of illness and more crime.

The World Is Looking at Our Jails!

Sep 10th, 2011

“This comes as the United Nations released a report in early June, confirming allegations of serious rights violations that women face inside American prisons and other correctional facilities. “Inadequate access to health services in prison and detention facilities is characterized by delays, neglect, and mistreatment of inmates and detainees,” the UN report said.”

Aaron’s Mother Speaks Out: Will Texas Listen?

Aug 1st, 2011
Micah Reese

30-year-old Micah Aaron Garner died in the Gregg County Jail just six months after 33-year-old Amy Lynn Cowling died in the jail. Both had told jail officials they were addicted to methadone and had other medical issues as well. Both died in the throes of untreated withdrawal. Here is a statement by his mother sent to us July 31st.

Ava Speaks Out About Her Son

Jul 9th, 2011

Ava Haywood believes her 33 year old son could have been saved if Bastrop County officers had taken him to hospital. She wrote us, asking us to read the news coverage and hear her out regarding the death of her son James Edward Haywood.  “Please read the interview,” says Ava. “There is a need for

Killer Jails?

Jul 5th, 2011

Do killer jails exist in the great state of Texas today? If so, where?
If you talk to someone who’s been in the Gregg County Jail, they might say that jail is one because they will not help you if you are in withdrawal from either legally prescribed medication or a drug you’re addicted to.

Houston Radio Interview: Inmates Die in County Jails

Nov 17th, 2010

By John Labus, 740 KTRH, Wednesday, November 17, 2010      A recent analysis suggests the number of illness-related deaths in county jails in Texas is close to the number of deaths in state prisons. Brandon Wood, an assistant director with the Texas Commission on Jail Standards says jail populations are more transient, bringing more

Hundreds of Preventable Deaths In Texas County Jails

Nov 14th, 2010

by Brandi Grissom | 11/14/10
Click on the link for this important story that includes mention of the Texas Jail Project and quotes by our director:
Even more awesome: the New York Times ran this story!

Mistakes and Lies: Torrey Smith, 31, Dies In Hays County Jail

Nov 4th, 2010

SAN MARCOS — Torrey Lamar Smith had fallen behind on paying fines related to a 2006 felony, and on Dec. 2, 2008, after officials issued a warrant for his arrest, Smith turned himself in at the Hays County Jail . He would never check out of the jail. Five days later, the 31-year-old father of

In Potter County: Michael Dick’s Parents Sue the Jail

Oct 16th, 2010

The parents of Michael Dick today filed a lawsuit against Potter County, several jailers and medical staff claiming they’re responsible for their son’s death while he was incarcerated last year. They claim their son, who was 33 at the time of his death, was denied proper medical care.

Abilene Mom Says We Helped Her Son

Jul 11th, 2010

July 11, 2010      I would also like to think Diane and the volunteers from the Texas Jail Project for driving up here to Abilene and showing the medical neglect and mistreatment of inmates in the Taylor County Jail. She listened to our stories when everyone else had a dead ear. She helped my