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County records private calls between lawyers & inmates

May 21st, 2014

A sheriff’s department in Texas recorded what should have been private phone calls between lawyers and inmates, and provided prosecutors with copies of the conversations, a federal lawsuit alleges.
Such a breach would violate the attorney-client legal privilege and may have hindered the ability of lawyers to defend their clients in court.

End Overpriced Inmate Phone Calls!

Jan 11th, 2013

Hurry, put in your comment about inflated charges for inmates phone services before the March 25th deadline at the FCC site for public input! (Go to the end of this post and click on CONTINUE READING to get the link to the FCC)
After years of people calling, writing and petitioning, the FCC is taking action to stop the practice of prisons and jails using inmate calling services that charge hugely inflated prices to inmate families! Phones in a prison are “a crucial instrument for the incarcerated, and those who care about them, because voice calling is often the only communications option available,” said one commissioner.
Texas Jail Project is proud to be part of the campaign organized by Prison Legal News, which helped forge the Campaign for Prison Phone Justice and the Wright Petition. Sign the petition now by clicking on CONTINUE READING and then click on the link in the first line.

Phone Cards and Collect Calls from Jail

Jul 4th, 2012

Maria Anna, mother of Adan Casteneda, wrote this advice for people with loved ones in jail: The more your inmate stays in contact with you, the more secure she or he will feel. Letters are great, but sometimes people don’t have time to write and they take a long time to get there. Jail phone calls are expensive BUT there are ways to make the phone calls less costly.