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Ft. Bend Sent Inmates Far Away

Jan 20th, 2010

The Fort Bend Star published a letter by Sue Ann Lorig (“Sending Prisoners to Another Facility Disturbing,” April 16, 2008) about the Ford Bend County Commission’s decision to send county prisoners over 500 miles away to the Dickens County Correctional Center. Local resident Sue Ann Lorig is a volunteer for Texas Jail Project.

Fannin County Residents Rejects Private Prison

Jan 11th, 2010

Good news from Leonard, Texas! Residents have successfully stopped a proposed “faith-based” private prison from being built in the small Fannin County community. While the rehabilitative motives of Corrections Concepts Inc, the private prison corporation, may have been be noble enough, the fact that this prison was a speculative lock-up (the company was actively searching

CiviGenics Guard Resigns After Sexual Incident at Liberty County Jail

Jan 10th, 2010

A female employee of CiviGenics who works as a guard in the Liberty County Jail resigned Tuesday, April 29, after being questioned by Liberty County Sheriff’s Office investigators about having sex with an inmate, according to Liberty County Sheriff Greg Arthur. . . . CiviGenics guards have been indicted on sexual assault charges at other Texas jails as well, including civil rights charges at the company’s bi-state jail in Texarkansas and similar charges at the McLennon County jail in Waco.

My Son Survived a GEO Jail

Oct 13th, 2007

Letter to TJP from mother of inmate: “My son was barely out of high school and it was a non-violent offense. He was in a private jail in Spur Texas owned by the Geo Group out of Florida. This was my first experience with jails of any kind and I couldn’t believe some of the