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Transgender Persons at the Dallas County Jail

Mar 1st, 2020

Texas Jail Project has found that only a few LGBTQ people report abuse or neglect to the Jail Commission because of the stigma and fear of retribution. We are also concerned because we know county jails are housing trans people in solitary confinement “for their own protection.” And so we want to support the efforts of Texas Pride Initiative who began advocating for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office (DSO) to create a policy for transgender and intersex persons in 2014.
If you are transgender, gender diverse, or intersex, Trans Pride Initiative (TPI) and the Texas Jail Project would both appreciate any information about personal experiences with the Dallas County Jail and Dallas Sheriff’s Office (or other county confinement facilities) if you would care to share them. You may contact the Texas Jail Project through this web site, and you may also report issues to TPI through their reporting tool or by contacting them at info@tpride.org. Click to continue reading a summary of their efforts to influence policy, conditions and attitudes in Dallas.