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Thanks to HB 1307, Pregnant Persons Will Receive Care

Jun 21st, 2021 | Category: Lead Article

Woman https://www.fox4news.com/news/lawsuit-alleges-collin-county-jail-denied-pregnant-inmate-a-doctor-causing-miscarriage

A woman is suing Collin County after she says she was denied the right to see a doctor while she was pregnant in jail.

The lawsuit alleges that she later suffered a miscarriage after enduring an undiagnosed urinary tract infection.

How many of us Texans know someone who was pregnant while in jail–often finding out they were pregnant after being jailed–and then lost the baby? Most of the time, that mother-to-be wasn’t receiving good ob-gyn care, good nutrition and good support. Then after their miscarriage, they were tossed back in the cell without any medical or mental health care. That’s why Texas Jail Project supported HB 1307, a bill REQUIRING that jails provide counseling and care for jailed pregnant persons who miscarried or were assaulted while confined there.

And the governor signed HB 1307, authored by Representative Mary González,  into law this month!! Small steps, folks. But they they make a difference for people in those cells. 



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