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You can also mail a check made out to Texas Jail Project at:

Texas Jail Project
1712 E. Riverside Drive, Box 190
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Testimonials of Support

An El Paso mother wants Texans to realize that that there is help for people with a mentally ill loved one in danger at a county jail.

“I would like to tell everyone about our son’s awful experience regarding his unfair extensive jail time while waiting to be moved to Vernon Hospital.  I am thankful for Diana Claitor, Executive Director and Katherine Lewis from Disability Rights Texas (DRT) for representing our son who has a mental disability.

“Our son was wasting away in jail and they could not get the correct medications for him and he was suffering from bad side effects due to the incorrect medications they were giving him or medications that were not in stock.  Previously, while in jail, he had suffered a severe anxiety attack which caused him to fall landing head first.  He was taken to the county hospital and was returned to be put in lock down for several weeks after his head injury.  This caused him more anxiety, fear, confusion and frustration. Even earlier, he had been attacked by Azteca gang members and the injuries caused permanent disabilities, such as blackouts and seizures

“During the last three months, I received advice and help Texas Jail Project and Disability Rights Texas. I honestly believe that if Diana Claitor and Katherine Lewis did not step in to help us get our son moved to Vernon Hospital, he would be in the El Paso Jail facing other horrifying situations. I am very grateful to have stumbled on to these wonderful ladies and for the help they gave us.  God opened the doors for me to be able to find them.  I can not say enough about what they are doing and the good they stand for.  I pray that others find them too.

“Heaven is not blind to the evil that is being done to the mentally ill in jails as well as other men and women and their babies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!” –an El Paso mother

Jail Project of Texas does business as Texas Jail Project and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization funded by public donations. Your donations make it possible for us to keep helping our fellow Texans and educating officials about county jails.