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Texas Jail Project Through News Stories in 2021

December 31, 2021

2021 was an unprecedented year for Texas communities impacted by county jail incarceration. Here's a look at all the news articles which featured stories, interviews, op-eds and essays from Texas…

2021 was an unprecedented year for Texas communities impacted by county jail incarceration. Here’s a look at all the news articles which featured stories, interviews, op-eds and essays from Texas Jail Project’s community members both inside and outside county jails, and our team. Click here to see the full list:

The Marshall Project When COVID-19 Hit a Texas Jail, an Activist Demanded Change 

The Appeal Pregnant Women Allege Abuse in Texas Jails 

Fort Worth Weekly Humanizing Life Behind Bars 

Arnold Ventures An Inside Look at Texas Jails During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

NBC News “Animals At The Zoo Get Better Treatment” Inside Texas’ Frigid Jails 

Washington Post Texas Inmates Endure Freezing Temperatures 

TIME Magazine Nearly 200,000 People Still Lack Power Amid Snow, Subzero Temperatures Across Texas. Here’s How To Help.

Washington Post Op-Ed co-authored by Krishnaveni Gundu Why Reimagining Safety Looks Different in Rural America

Texas Tribune Texas Jails and Prisons See Brutal Cold And Overfilled Toilets In Winter Storm

Huffington Post UK People in Texas Jails are “Freezing,’ without Hot Food or Running Water

CBS News It’s Like We’re Not Even Human: Texas Inmates Face Frigid Temperatures During Weather Crisis

Dallas Observer As COVID-19 Spreads, A Fight to Shutter Parts of Dallas County Jail 

Texas Observer Clogged Inside Snow Outside: How The Winter Storm Exacerbated Problems in Texas Lock-Ups

BreakThrough News A Nation in Chains: Mass Incarceration in Black America: Goldie VanZandt & Krish Gundu interview

Tyler Morning Telegraph Pandemic adds new complications for jails struggling to help inmates with mental illness

CNN Jails and Prisons were hit hard by Covid-19. Experts say they need to be prioritized for the vaccines

Texas Observer How Texas Jails Avoid Investigations of Deaths 

D Magazine A Story of Two Deaths at the Collin County Jail 

Mother Jones It’s Terrifying, It’s Almost Crippling: Texas Jails and Prisons 

Vice News  Texas Jails Were Freezing and Smelled Like Urine

NPR Short Wave How the Pandemic Has Played Out Behind Bars 

Blue Tent Philanthropy How a Tiny Group of Activists Built a Criminal Justice Reform Organization 

Interviewed & Quoted in The New Yorker A Fight to Expose the Hidden Human Costs of Incarceration 

Dallas Morning News Texas Community Bail Funds Grow

Spectrum News Who Belongs Behind Bars: Texas Bail Reform Debated

KLTV News Tyler East Texas jail advocate speaks against bill that would make it harder for some to bond out

Op-Ed by formerly incarcerated combat veteran & TJP community member Jerome VanZandt in Houston Chronicle Despite New Law, Texas still has far to go on bail reform

KWTX News Waco Area county jail populations continue to climb amid pandemic

Tyler Morning Telegraph Jailed Army Veteran To Be Moved to Medical Facility Following Protest

Texas Observer “Locked Up and Left to Die” How Deaths in Texas Jails are Ignored and Unresolved 

Dallas Observer A Texas Man Begged for Mental Health Help. Instead, He Ended Up in Jail Time and Again

Dallas Observer In Texas Jails Some People End Up ‘Lost in the System’ for Months or More 

Houston Chronicle Vague standards, weak enforcement endager Texas jail inmates, government watchdog finds

Houston Chronicle  On July 4th, Texans’ Reflect on Lives, Fortune and Sacred Honor’ made in Declaration of Independence

CBS 19 Covid-19 Incites Tyler Advocate to Focus on Jail Conditions

Fort Worth Weekly Tarrant county finally uses cite and release

Tyler Morning Telegraph Smith County Commissioners Court continues to battle concerns over jail population and Covid-19 spread

Op-Ed by Tamera Hutcherson in the Fort Worth Weekly Left Behind

Video interview in the Fort Worth Weekly Hitting the Fort’ with Texas Jail Project

Dallas Morning News Response to the Editorial Board by TJP Team Member Tamera Hutcherson

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