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Introducing our new website: A note from the Texas Jail Project Team

January 18, 2023

Discover the new and improved Texas Jail Project website with a welcome note from our staff.

A note from the Texas Jail Project team

To our community,

We are overjoyed and filled with gratitude to share our new website–a contemporary hub for accessing pretrial resources, requesting support, sharing stories, and keeping up with the latest jail and pretrial issues.

Welcome to Texas Jail Project 2.0

With endless new features, updated branding, and more intuitive navigation, the new site reflects our continued commitment to democratizing resources and breaking down barriers to community engagement. 

“Providing a spectrum of resources, information, and aid with urgency is foundational to our movement-building work.”

Krish Gundu, Executive Director

Providing a spectrum of resources, information, and aid with urgency is foundational to our movement-building work. It is important to us that every person, family, activist, journalist, or group–regardless of background–be able to quickly find information and tools they need to advocate for their loved one, launch a local campaign, or responsibly cover jail issues. 

If your loved one is experiencing a crisis in a Texas county jail, check out our Get Help section where you will find easily accessible information categorized by issues (e.g. pregnancy, mental illness, veterans) to navigate through the criminal punishment and mental health systems. 

If you are a journalist, researcher, or advocate looking to learn more about jail issues in Texas, check out our new (and growing by the day) Resources hub for Non-Compliant Inspection Reports, Legislative Materials, and Policy Memos. 

If you are an advocate, potential donor, or supporter, check out our Press and Stories section for a running feed of essays, op-eds, press features, and announcements. 

If you’re a community member ready to get involved in the fight to end pretrial detention and hold lawmakers accountable, bookmark our Take Action page for upcoming events and current campaigns. 

We welcome you to explore, play around, and discover.

Each piece of the site invites you into the cornerstones of our work: aid, advocacy, and the transformative healing of authentic storytelling.

We’re so glad you’re here. 

With love and solidarity, 

The Texas Jail Project Team 
Krish, Gabriela, Dalila, Goldie, and Liv 

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