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Denton County Jail: Tips on Visiting

Information provided by family members visiting there 

Visitation: May, 2014 update

Visit times have changed for Denton County Jail

For Pods 1-8:

Thursday 7-9 pm

Saturday 7-9 pm 

Please make sure visitors are there before 8:30 pm or you will not be allowed to visit. You always have to arrive about 30 minutes ahead of time. You will not be admitted if you arrive with less than 30 minutes to the end of the session.  You have to either know which pod where your loved one is located or you have to call ahead of time.

(I filed a complaint last year because a corporal was stoppinig the processing of visitors before 8:30 pm… Ms. M) 

There is also the Special Housing Unit (SHU) that are single cells, as well as pre-trial unit(pods 9-17?) and the Main Jail. The visits for the Main Jail are the same as for Pods 1-8, as far as we know.

Please contact the jail for the other units visit times.  They have changed due to the construction and according to whoever makes the decisions. 940-349-1700

Also, they are implementing video visits at the jail for certain pods.  Those visits have to be set up online, and the hours vary.

Check the website for up to the date information. If the inmate location is not known, contact the Front Desk in person or call (940) 349-1700.

Other tips:

Inmates in pretrial are held separately from others.  The doors for the visiting areas (which are located in various places around the jail) do not open until visiting hours, which means you wait outside regardless of the weather! We once waited outside in 30 degrees for 45 minutes.

You need a photo ID, and you cannot bring in a purse or any kind of bag. You cannot take in food or cell phones.

There are only 6 working phones per visitation section, and so only 6 people at a time get to talk with their inmate. There are some benches for waiting; however, there are so many people that you don’t get to sit down.  Visits are 20 minutes, and there are guards walking around the entire time.

Two people can visit an inmate at the same time, and small children were allowed in during most visits. There are no public restrooms or drinking fountains in the visiting areas and no wheelchair access. Most times, the lines are long, with 50-100 people–if you don’t get there early, odds are you will not get in. Don’t be fooled by the number of people outside the jail in line because the cars in the parking lot are full of people waiting, and as soon as the line gets to about 10 people, it explodes.

Currently visiting hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday night from 7-9  pm and Saturday, 12 noon-2 pm and 7-9 pm. http://sheriff.dentoncounty.com/main.asp?Parent=510&Link=527

You can only visit once per day and inmates can have 2 visits a day.

Mail: Inmate receive mail only on Monday through Friday. Our estimate is that it takes  about 3 days for mail to be delivered to the inmate after it gets to the jail. Remember, all jails open and read inmate mail.

Email: You can email the inmate and they print it out for the inmate for a fee, and the inmate can respond (they write, the prison scans and sends a PDF. ) If they don’t like what you send, they send it back to you with a form letter that tells you what is wrong.

Commissary appears to be a couple of days a week, and there are cut offs for processing $$ for the weekends and holidays, like Thanksgiving $$ had to be in on the Monday prior and the commissary is closed for the weekend.  Denton does have the ability to order packages for inmates (including a limited all purpose “holiday” package) and some ability to mail order in kosher and/or halal selections. The commissary  also offers a limited amount of ethic (mostly Mexican food) and some personal care products.

Medical: Denton County Jail does charge for sick calls ($15.00 ) to see the doctor, and inmates have to pay for their meds.