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Visiting Denton County Jail?

Information from Denton County Jail’s current website, June 2019

Please email if the jail doesn’t follow these rules or makes new rules when you are there visiting! Be aware that Denton County only has video visitation–no in-person visitation. Email about how well it went with HomeWav video visitation. 

Jail Information: (940) 349-1700
(972) 434-5502

• Denton County Jail has Video Visitation. You may visit on-site at 1410 Troy H Lagrone Denton, TX 76205 or you may remotely visit by setting up an account at the HomeWav website. On-Site Public visitation is available Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 08:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

• Participation in video-visitation is a privilege, not a right. Both visitor and inmate are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate fashion at all times during a video visit.

• The Denton County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to deny, cancel or terminate a video visit prior to or during a video session based upon visitor or resident inmate misconduct. The Denton County Sheriff’s Office also reserves the right to restrict visitors from participating in all future use of the system.

• All family member/friend video visits are recorded and subject to electronic monitoring by the Denton County Sheriff’s Office personnel. Your use of this video visitation system constitutes consent to this recording and monitoring.

• Denton County assumes no financial or other liability for failure to complete a scheduled video visit.

• All Visits must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

• There will be times when visits will be rescheduled as follows: o Court, Work Assignment, Lock-Down, Sick Call , Attorney Visit, Inmate Housing Re-assignment

• Emergency situations will result in the immediate canceling of any affected visit

On Site Video Visitation Rules

• Arrive for your visit no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

• No loitering on the parking lot

• No loitering in the building

• Each inmate is allowed two free on-site visits per week

• Maximum of three visitors each visit and no more than two adults at a time

• Visitors under 17 years of age must be accompanied by an parent , guardian or legal counsel

• Visitors over 17 years of age must have a valid government issued picture ID

• Visitors under the influence of intoxicants or alcohol will be subject to arrest

• No personal items are allowed in the visitation area o

o No mobile phones, o

o No tablets or laptops o

o No cameras o

o No purses or bags o

o No photographs

• Appropriate attire is required at all times

o No Short shorts/ No Short skirts/No Short dresses

o No sleeveless shirts o

o No obscene/offensive/derogatory images o

o Visitors must wear footwear o

o Appropriate dress is determined at the officer’s discretion

• Any inappropriate behavior will result in the termination of your visit o

o No nudity

o No yelling

o No vulgar Language

o No inappropriate gestures

o No gang related activity

• No food or drinks in the facility

• No weapons of any kind allowed in any part of the facility

• Children must be kept under control at all times or your visit may be terminated

• No tobacco use in the facility to include an electronic cigarette

• No pets in the facility

• Any violation of these rules will result in termination of your visit

• Do not damage or deface the visitation equipment. Doing so may result in prosecution.

• If you experience a problem with the audio or video reception during your visit, you are required to notify the visitation staff immediately.

• During a visit, the visitor is required to remain at the visitation booth. If the visitor leaves the visitation booth, the visit will be terminated.

• Visitors arriving late will only receive the balance of the remaining visiting time, or may not be allowed to visit at the discretion of Visitation staff.

Remote Video Visitation Rules

• Off-Site visits must be scheduled in advance by the visitor from the HomeWav Video Visitation Website at

• Participation in video-visitation is a privilege, not a right. Both visitor and inmate are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate fashion at all times during a video visit.

• The registered visitor must be present at ALL TIMES during the visit. If the visitor is not present during the entire visit, their visitor status will be suspended.

• The registering Visitor must be at least 17 years of age and present a valid, government issued photo identification during the initial registration process. Approvals are generally made within 24 to 72 hours.

• Visitors under the age of 17 must have a parent or guardian present during the off-site visit

• The duration of each visit 30 minutes for at home visits. Inmates are not restricted as to the number of off-site video visits they may receive in a week. On-site visits are restricted to 2 visits per week.

• The Visitor and inmate are responsible for being present at the start of the scheduled visit. Visitors and inmates signing in late will only receive the balance of the remaining time for the scheduled visit.

• No NUDITY, provocative clothing, or tight fitting clothing will be allowed during the visit. Violators will be barred from off-site and on-site visitation. The inmate will also be barred from any Home Video Visitations. The following dress code will be strictly enforced:

o No see through clothing, No Swimming attire,  No Tube Tops, Tank Tops, or Halter Tops

o No bare midriff

o No bare feet

o No visible gang-related tattoos.

o No clothing which identifies a specific gang by name or logo

o No clothing which is above mid-thigh, including skirts, shorts, or dresses.

• Visitors appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs; displaying items that may be considered contraband such as drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons; or displaying gang signs, symbols, colors, etc, are subject to having the visit cancelled and barred from future visits.

• Any type of provocative or disruptive behavior will not be permitted.

• Use of cell phones or other electronic devices during non-legal visits is prohibited. No pictures or screenshots are to be taken of the video visit session.

• Violators may be barred from At-Home and Onsite visitation:

o Tight fitting, Provocative, or See-Through Clothing is prohibited.

o Nudity, Partial Nudity, Sexual Acts, Simulated Sexual Acts, or depiction thereof is prohibited.

o Security Threat Group (STG) or Gang Activity, Signage, Symbols, or other Representation of a group is prohibited.

o Any Illegal Activity, Conspiracy to Commit an Illegal Act, or depiction thereof is prohibited.

• If you experience a problem with the audio or video reception during your visit, please refer to the HomeWav Video Visitation website for assistance.

• All Rules subject to change

Information provided by family members visiting in the past

After you visit or stay in this jail, please email us updates as we need real life information from people who’ve been there recently!

There are no public restrooms or drinking fountains in the visiting areas and no wheelchair access.

Mail: Inmate receive mail only on Monday through Friday. Our estimate is that it takes  about 3 days for mail to be delivered to the inmate after it gets to the jail. Remember, all jails open and read inmates’ mail.

Email: You can email the inmate and they print it out for the inmate for a fee, and the inmate can respond (they write, the prison scans and sends a PDF. ) If they don’t like what you send, they send it back to you with a form letter that tells you what is wrong.

Commissary appears to be a couple of days a week, and there are cut offs for processing $$ for the weekends and holidays, like Thanksgiving $$ had to be in on the Monday prior and the commissary is closed for the weekend.  Denton does have the ability to order packages for inmates (including a limited all purpose “holiday” package) and some ability to mail order in kosher and/or halal selections. The commissary  also offers a limited amount of ethic (mostly Mexican food) and some personal care products.

Medical: Denton County Jail does charge for sick calls ($15.00 ) to see the doctor, and inmates have to pay for their meds.


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