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Liberty County (P) Geo Non-Compliant Jail Report

Jail Name
Liberty County (P) Geo  
Report Date
Number of days
William Phariss 
Original Report
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Notes and Summary
  • While reviewing medical files, it was determined that one inmate had their prescription medication reviewed after 8 days after being taken into custody and another inmate did not have documented review on the date of the inspection (24 days after intake).
  • While reviewing medical files, it was determined that an inmate was not receiving medication in accordance with a doctor’s order.
  • While reviewing inmate medical files, it was determined that jail staff are not completing the form in its entirety by notating a CCQ match response and/or rotating comments when answering “Yes” to questions. Jail staff are not making/documenting notifications, including magistrate as required by CCP 16.22, when required by the
    Screening Form for Suicide and Medical/Mental/Developmental Impairments.
  • While reviewing inmate medical files, it was determined that CCQ match responses are not being kept on file. Along with not documenting the match response, there is no evidence that CCQ queries are being performed.
  • During the walkthrough, numerous contraband items were observed by the inspector. Items observed included coin change, bobby pins, pills, razor blades, Avon lipstick, paperclip, homemade sterno flame, tattoo gun, water weights, and pornographic photos.
  • During a walkthrough of the facility, significant maintenance issues were observed.
    The following is a list of areas identified:
    3 Dorm: No tamper/vandal resistant showerhead. Instead it had a showerhead that just screwed into placed. This inspector was able to remove the showerhead with just a few turns. Exposed electrical wires were observed from the top of the exit sign in the cell. Loose tile on restroom partition.
    4 Dorm: Light out x 1; Loose tile on restroom partition.
    2 Dorm: No tamper/vandal resistant showerhead. Light housing damaged x1
    1 Dorm: Light out x 1, loose tile on the restroom partition, shower tile missing, graffiti
    Holding 1: Toilet button leaked when flushed
    Holding 2: Toilet button leaked when flushed
    Detox 2: Missing screws in light housing to the point it was not secure
    Kitchen: Hole in kitchen ceiling next to access panel. Recent repairs had been performed to the HVAC unit in the same location. Maintenance staff stated that they had stepped through the ceiling upon arrival of this inspector.
    Sep 2: Electrical outlet cover missing
    J: Non detention grade screws in door lock with a screw loose.
    K: Door wires exposed
    G: Shower curtain unsecured and down
    G4: No cell desk
    G11: Graffiti
    G12: No cold water, light fixture damaged
  • E: Dayroom light
    E10: Door lock mechanism missing
    E6: Damaged light fixture
    N: Sink #1 no hot water, Sink #2 no cold water
    P2: Door lock mechanism jammed
    Q: Shower grate unsecured While walking in the female housing units, it was observed that all the general population units had industrial drum fans. The HVAC system was not blowing air at the proper rate due to the HVAC lines needing to be cleaned/unclogged.
Violation Types
  • Health Services - Chapter 273: Health Services
  • Sanitation
  • Supervision Of Inmates - Chapter 275.1

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