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Goldie VanZandt

Goldie VanZandt is an honorably discharged  United States Navy veteran.  Most recently, Goldie worked as a Claims Specialist assisting people to close gaps in mental healthcare for patients and families around the world. Goldie provided expertise, advocacy, and comprehensive service support to members and families through personalized interaction. She assisted members in addressing complex questions and effectively referred people to mental healthcare. Goldie acted as a facilitator in her role, helping teams resolve conflict and manage projects.

Goldie’s husband’s incarceration and outreach to Texas Jail Project led to her becoming a volunteer for the organization and subsequently a client advocate. Her spouse served 20 years in the military and is a disabled US Navy Retired Veteran. As a veteran family member, she witnessed firsthand the inhumane conditions experienced by her husband in the county jail. In 2021, Goldie testified at the State Capitol in Austin against Senate Bill 6, which sought to implement more restrictive procedures for bail setting. Goldie believes existing bail law in Texas is restrictive and punitive, and jails are already overcrowded with hardworking service members like Goldie’s spouse. Goldie joined Texas Jail Project in January 2022 to lead advocacy for veterans with disabilities in county jails. Her expertise in mental healthcare and veterans issues and her passion for harm reduction will be an indispensable asset to Texas Jail Project.

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