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San Patricio County Non-Compliant Jail Report

Jail Name
San Patricio County 
Report Date
Number of days
Phillip Bosquez 
Original Report
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TJP Commentary
  • The facility administration failed to complete the Quarterly Fire Hazard Checklist as required by minimum jail standards.
  • The facility administration failed to conduct monthly life safety equipment checks to ensure all equipment is safe, secure and fully operational at all times. The last documented check was in March 2016.
  • The facility administration failed to test the emergency power equipment at least once a   week and they failed to load test the generator at least monthly as required by minimum jail standards. The last documented test of the emergency generator was on 10/5/2016.
  • During the walk-through of the facility, this inspector observed that there was no twoway voice communication capability between inmates and jailers in several inmate occupied areas. Cell 8, an 8 Person MO Cell, had no functioning intercom and the adjacent dayroom cell also had no working intercoms. The inspector placed this area on 15 minute fire watch until intercoms could be restored, due to the fact that the inmates could not be moved to another area with functioning intercoms.
  • During the walk-through of the facility, numerous issues of concern were identified that show the facility not maintaining a safe, secure and sanitary facility. This inspector observed two inmates defeat cell door and day room door to gain access to the walkway to the adjacent cell block. This inspector advised jail staff to take inmates into custody and move to secure cells immediately. Ensure that all locking mechanisms are evaluated to prove that they are fully operational and cannot be defeated by the inmates. The light fixtures in the majority of cells are covered in layers of toothpaste, paper, and/or have been painted over. This causes many areas of the jail to be dark and provides security risks for inmates and staff. Metal wall and concrete in wet areas has
    been chipped away or rusted through making pipe chases / other cell areas accessible in multiple cells. In the kitchen area, the stove hood and large air vents had excessive grease build up along with mildew. The laundry area had excessive trash and large piles of dryer lint around the dryer units causing a fire hazard. Finally, the majority of walls in the cells and common areas of the facility were covered in graffiti from map colors, markers, paint, toothpaste and food products which leads to an unsanitary jail environment. This inspector advised administration that a serious cleaning and maintenance plan should be put into effect immediately. Pictures of the facility were taken for further review and possible commission action.
  • During review of food service paperwork, it was discovered that the last review and approval of the menu occurred on March 23, 2015 which is well over the required annual review
Violation Types
  • Food Service - Chapter 281: Food Service
  • Life Safety Rules
  • Sanitation
  • Supervision Of Inmates

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