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Live Oak County Non-Compliant Jail Report

Jail Name
Live Oak County  
Report Date
Number of days
Phillip Bosquez 
Original Report
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Notes and Summary
  • During the generator test, power load could not be transferred, due to possible issue with the transfer switch. The generator did turn on and run, but the load could not be transferred to the building. As a result, the intercoms, emergency lights, door functions and other required systems on emergency power could not be tested as required.
  • During the walk-through of the facility, two strobes / annunciator face plates were found to be missing. One strobe was missing in the main hallway by the kitchen / laundry door. The second strobe was missing in the safety vestibule for Bravo Pods. During the fire drill, there was no visual / audible annunciation were the missing equipment was located.
  • The annual inspection of the fire panel was conducted on 3/6/17. On the Blue Annual Inspection Tag, it was noted that a Red Tag had been issued. The Red Tag could not be located on the panel nor could a White Tag be found identifying the corrective action taken. Without at least one of the proper tags, the service record was incomplete and
    this inspector could not determine if the Red Tag issue(s) had been corrected.
  • The fire panel was found to be in trouble mode and had been placed into silence mode prior to the inspection. The maintenance supervisor worked on the panel and cleared the trouble light. However, the panel still showed to be in Panel Silence Mode and Alarm Silence and these two areas could not be corrected.
Violation Types
  • Life Safety Rules

Live Oak County Non-compliant Jail Reports

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