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San Saba County Non-Compliant Jail Report

Jail Name
San Saba County 
Report Date
Number of days
Jackie Benningfield 
Original Report
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Notes and Summary
  • The facilities Mental Disabilities/Suicide Prevention Plan indicates that jailers are to receive training on suicide prevention upon employment and bi-annually. No jailers received suicide prevention training in 2017.
  • After reviewing suicide screening forms, it was revealed that the magistrate is not being notified when it is warranted that an inmate may have a mental illness.
  • The jailers are not completing the bottom of the suicide screening form to prove the magistrate, mental health, medical and/or the supervisor have been notified.
  • Second floor
    1. B-Cell North – the light is inoperable.
    2. B-Cell South – the lavatory/toilet unit is inoperable.
    Third Floor
    The following issues have not been addressed since the last inspection on February 17, 2017:
    1. An inmate fell through the floor and a metal plate was put in place due to the deterioration of
    the floor.
    2. The panel behind the toilet cannot be secured due to the deterioration of the wall.
    3. The overall cleanliness of the cell is not acceptable.
    4. The floor is cracked and pieces are deteriorating where staff have attempted to patch.
    5. The conduit along the floor is not secured.
    6. The floor behind the toilet has deteriorated and you can see through to the second floor.
    1. The wall is deteriorating.
    2. Coming from the third floor, the wall is separating from the door facing.
    3. The wall is deteriorating where the toilet unit secures to the wall.
    1. The walls are deteriorating to include exterior walls of the facility.
    2. All wet areas throughout the facility are rusting.
Violation Types
  • Health Services - Chapter 273: Health Services
  • Sanitation

San Saba County Non-compliant Jail Reports

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