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Comanche County Non-Compliant Jail Report

Jail Name
Comanche County 
Report Date
Number of days
Jackie Benningfield and Jennifer Shumake 
Original Report
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Notes and Summary
  • There is no documentation to verify that newly hired jailers have received
    initial suicide prevention training as required.
  • There is no documentation to verify that the supervisor, medical, mental health were notified when warranted regarding “yes” answers on the screening form as required.
  • There is no documentation available to verify that Jailers Boyd and Gafford have received a yearly TB test as required.
  • The inspectors observed multiple maintenance issues within in the jail to include the following:
    1. Low water pressure in cells.
    2. The hot and cold water was not working in multiple cells.
    3. Multiple lights were inoperable in almost every inmate cell and in a few safety vestibules.
    4. There were multiple lights missing covers in safety vestibules and the
    laundry room.
    5. The floor drain cover was missing in cell 2 B.
    6. There were many windows in cell doors that were cracked and need to be replaced.
    7. The inspectors observed many plastic electrical receptacles in all of the day rooms that need to be replaced with detention grade face plates.
    8. The inspectors observed multiple areas of rust that need immediate
    9. The kitchen table bottom shelves were covered with broken down card board boxes to cover up rust. 10. The inspectors recommended these tables be replaced.
    11. The inspectors observed multiple ventilation grates in inmate cells full of debris that need to be cleaned out.
    12. Multiple inmate cells were empty, however remained uncleaned.
Violation Types
  • Health Services - Chapter 273: Health Services
  • Sanitation

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