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Harrison County Non-Compliance Report

Jail Name
Harrison County 
Report Date
William T.Phariss; Shane Sowell 
Original Report
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TJP Commentary
Two days before uploading this report, a TJP staffer had a disturbing conversation with a middle-aged woman who was held in the suicide watch cell in this county jail for more than two weeks. In all her time there, she was seen by a visiting doctor (she was unsure whether it was a psychiatrist), only once! This doctor told her that she wasn't sure why this inmate was being kept in suicide watch even though she seemed perfectly normal. When asked if the doctor could recommend her transfer to general population, the doctor responded, "It's really up to the jail to decide." Why was she put in suicide watch in the first place? Because when asked during booking if she had ever tried to commit suicide, she said, "Yes, once when I was 13."
Violation Types
  • could not produce food handler licenses for all staff supervising the food preparation -
  • During the review of disciplinary reports -
  • inmates placed in restraints -
  • roof leaks -
  • staff exceeded the 15 minute observations of inmates placed on suicide watch -
  • the inspection team determined staff are not allowing inmates the full 24 hour notice -
  • unable to produce documentation supporting staff are receiving the required 1 hour of suicide recognition/ prevention training -

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