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Clay County Special Non-Compliant Jail Report

Jail Name
Clay County Special 
Report Date
Wendy Wisneski 
Original Report
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TJP Commentary
  • After reviewing video and documentation in conjunction with self-reporting of facility administration, it was determined that the face-to-face observation, prior to the inmate being discovered, did not occur due to the inmate obstructing the view of the jailer by placing coverings around his bunk. Additionally, while the jailer documented that
    rounds were conducted within the required time period, one round was 14 minutes late, another round was 8 minutes late, and eight rounds documented as conducted did not occur at all.

According to one Texas law firm representing people across the state for police and jailer misconduct injury cases,  face-to-face observation checks of a man found dead in the jail had not been made for some time, if at all. To read more of the law firm’s blog click here.

TCJS Inspector Wisneski found rounds of observations were documented as conducted but did not occur at all.

Violation Types
  • Supervision Of Inmates
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