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Midland County Non-Compliant Jail Report

Jail Name
Midland County 
Report Date
Number of days
Jason Jouett 
Original Report
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Notes and Summary

While conducting the walk-through of the facility, the following maintenance issues
were identified: G
Block – Mop sink clogged and no water available from faucet.
H Block – 2 toilets clogged, 1 shower clogged, 1 shower constantly running.
J Block – Sheet rock needs to be replaced on terminal frame, electric covers need to be
placed on holes by phone wall, 3 showers down (either clogged or constantly running).
Tent/Sprung Structure – Hot water does not work on 1 shower, 2 showers do not turn
on and they are clogged, mop sink clogged, metal by phones separated from the wall,
washer is leaking in laundry room.
Hallway – Light bulbs need to be replaced between 518-520 doors
F Block – Cells: 7, 17 & 24 toilets are clogged.
D2 Block – 2 toilets in day room are clogged, 1 shower runs constantly.
D1 Block – Both showers run constantly, 1-day room sink runs constantly, leak from
sink going to cell 8, Cells 3 and 7 toilets are inoperable, cell doors remain unsecured so
inmates can utilize toilet in the day room.
SHU – Light in hallway is inoperable in front of cells 913-912, hot water is inoperable in
cell 911, window in cell 921 cracked.
B Block – Hot in Cell 2 is inoperable, water in Cell 15 is inoperable, one of the lights
doesn’t work in cell 21, and the shower is constantly running.
Booking – Water in ISO/Holding D water is turned off due to plumbing issues.
Laundry – light in mop closet doesn’t work.
Kitchen – 1 light needs to be replaced, 3 kettle machines are down and have exposed wires (No electricity running through them), light in refrigerator needs to be replaced, dry storage lock needs to be replaced, 2 hand washing sink stations have no hot water and both leak onto the floor and the eye wash station does not drain. It should be noted that technical assistance was provided in the area of sanitation on the FY 2019 annual inspection report.

Violation Types
  • Sanitation

Midland County Non-compliant Jail Reports

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