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Garza County (P) Non-Compliant Jail Report

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Garza County (P) 
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Notes and Summary
  • During the review of Fire Drill/SCBA/Life Safety training, it was noted by the inspection team not all staff received training. It was determined during the 4th quarter 2022, 14 of 65 staff missed training. During the 1st quarter 2023, no staff received training. During the 3rd quarter 2023, 88 of 111 staff missed training.
  • During the review of complaint 34245, it was determined that the inmate was seen by a medical provider. A recommendation was made to transfer the inmate to a higher level of care due to the facility having no trained personnel who know how to monitor the patient due to their condition. The recommendation was made on August 24, 2023. The inmate was released on 10/06/2023 without being transferred to a higher level of care.
  • During the review of restraint logs it was determined 5 hours of documentation could not be produced indicating 15-minute checks were conducted on inmates that were placed in the WRAP Restraint Device.
  • Observation records reviewed during the Comprehensive Inspection demonstrated that the required 60 minute and 30-minute observation of inmates was exceeded by staff. Records demonstrate that out of 7998 observations 3376 were late.
  • During the review of 20 inmate disciplinaries it was determined there were 10 instances where staff did not ensure provisions were made for at least twenty-four hours written notice to be given to the inmate of the claimed violation or charges against him, as required per minimum jail standards.
  • Administration was unable to provide logs to indicate inmates were receiving 3 days of recreation as required. Staff were reminded that recreation must be logged indicating 3 days were offered to ensure compliance with minimum jail standards.
Violation Types
  • Discipline And Grievances - Chapter 283: Discipline and Grievances
  • Health Services - Chapter 273: Health Services
  • Life Safety Rules
  • Recreation And Exercise
  • Supervision Of Inmates - Chapter 275.1

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