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Martin County Non-Compliant Jail Report

Jail Name
Martin County 
Report Date
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Notes and Summary
  • No 3rd Quarter 2023 life safety training was conducted. 4 Officers did not receive life safety training immediately upon employment.
  • No fire prevention checklist was conducted for the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd quarter of 2023.
  • No weekly run tests or monthly load tests were conducted from June 2, 2023 to October 20, 2023. The facility generator was inoperable for the month of December.
  • During a review of the observation logs for the week of September 7-15, 2023, it was determined that on multiple occasions, staff failed to make the face-to-face observations as required. Face-to-face observation times were exceeded by a minimum of 1 minute to a maximum of 60 minutes.
Violation Types
  • Life Safety Rules
  • Supervision Of Inmates - Chapter 275.1

Martin County Non-compliant Jail Reports

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