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McLennan County Non-Compliant Jail Report

Jail Name
McLennan County 
Report Date
Number of days
William T.Phariss; Jaso Jouett 
Original Report
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Notes and Summary


  • While reviewing screening forms, it was determined that four (4) files did not contain documentation to verify that the magistrate was notified within 12 hours as required by Article 16.22 of the CCP.
  • While reviewing screening forms, it was determined that seven(7) files were not completed in its entirety. The jail staff failed to notate the time the screening took place, there were no comments when answering “yes” to questions, did not answer all of the
    questions on the form and they failed to document notifications to the magistrate, mental health, medical, and/or supervisor when required.
  • During the review of the 30 minute face-to-face observations, it was determined the jail staff exceeded the 30 minutes required by minimum standards by 1 minute up to 56 minutes.

Texas Jail Project receives so many emails and phone calls about this jail which is operated by La Salle Southwest Corrections. In the 2019 session of the Texas Legislature, HB 2467 and HB 3775 were introduced to counter the kind of systemic problems plaguing privately run facilities like Jack Harwell.

HB 2467 would change the requirement period for temporary county jailers to complete their required training program from one year to 90 days. If a person doesn’t complete the required training, they will be removed from the position.

HB 3775 would require that a person may not be appointed as a county jailer unless the person has completed the training program in the operation of a county jail at a school operated or licensed by the commission. The training program also must consist of at least eight hours of mental health training approved by the commission and the commission on jail standards.

Both are great ideas considering all the horrible deaths that occur in this facility. Last year TJP wrote to the County Commissioners imploring them to NOT renew the county’s contract with LaSalle. This year, congressmen on the County Affairs Committee subpoenaed La Salle to appear before them during the hearings on HB 2467.

Violation Types
  • Health Services - Chapter 273: Health Services
  • Supervision Of Inmates

McLennan County Non-compliant Jail Reports

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