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Dallas County Non-Compliant Jail Report

Jail Name
Dallas County 
Report Date
Number of days
Michael Gravitt, Jennifer Shumake, Jason Jouett, Byron Shelton  
Original Report
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Notes and Summary
  • Classification reassessments exceeded the required 30-90 day reassessment window on multiple occasions.
  • Indigent people in the jail were held over 48 hours without receiving required personal care items. Inspection also determined that TCJS complaints received by the commission regarding personal hygiene items for indigent people were founded.
  • Incarcerated people in the West Tower on suicide watch were not afforded access to the dayroom for at least one hour each day and had not had the opportunity to shower anywhere from 2 to 15 days. 
  • Indigent people were not receiving the required paper, pencils, envelopes, and stamps. It was also determined that complaints received by the commission concerning correspondence items for indigent people were founded.



Violation Types
  • Classification And Separation Of Inmates - Chapter 271: Classification and Separation of Inmates
  • Clothing Personal Hygiene And Bedding - Chapter 277: Clothing, Personal Hygiene, and Bedding
  • Services And Activities

Dallas County Non-compliant Jail Reports

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