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Maverick County Non-Compliant Jail Report

Jail Name
Maverick County 
Report Date
Number of days
Martin P. Arnold 
Original Report
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Notes and Summary

Life Safety

  • During the inspection of the fire panel, it was discovered that the system was indicating a troubling alarm. Repairs are estimated to be completed in October 2022 and facility staff is conducting a fire watch. Technical assistance was provided.
  • During Maverick County Jail’s last comprehensive inspection, the fire panel was also in trouble but was “repaired and inspected.”
  • Follow-up required: provide inspector documentation showing fire panel repairs and inspection no later than October 31, 2022
  • One of the two generators is under repair and will be completed on September 22, 2022. Technical assistance was provided.


  • People [inmates] were found to be misclassified in classification records. Technical assistance was provided.
  • Follow-up required: submit random classifications of newly admitted people [inmates] on Friday each week for the next 30-90 days.

Health Services

  • Suicide/IDD screening magistrate notification and CCQ were being kept in the booking file without being securely separated. Technical assistance was provided.


  • Maverick County Jail is not maintaining the 1:48 officer-to-detainee ratio as required for approximately 3 weeks. Technical assistance was provided.
  • Follow-up required: jail administration will submit a plan of action to meet the 1:48 ratio as well as projected time of completion. The plan shall be submitted no later than 30 days.
  • Staffing level documentation revealed that only 4 officers were utilized on the night shift for approximately 3 weeks to supervise 193 or more people.
Violation Types
  • Classification And Separation Of Inmates - Chapter 271: Classification and Separation of Inmates
  • Health Services - Chapter 273: Health Services
  • Life Safety Rules
  • Supervision Of Inmates

Maverick County Non-compliant Jail Reports

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