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Tyler County Reinspection Non-Compliant Jail Report

Jail Name
Tyler County Reinspection 
Report Date
Jackie Benningfield 
Original Report
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TJP Commentary
  • A review of inmate medical files determined staff failed to notify the magistrate as required by CCP 16.22 and the intake screening instrument. Further review revealed that jailers are not completing the form in its entirety.
  • During the walk-through, the following maintenance issues were identified: Sep Cell 1- no hot water, Sep Cell 4-no cold water, A-block Cell 1-no hot water and the toilet is inoperable, A-block Cell 4-no hot or cold water and the toilet is inoperable, B block Cell 1-inoperable light, B block Cell 4 – no cold water and the toilet is inoperable. There is
    not a button for the hot water in F and a light in G is inoperable.
Violation Types
  • Health Services - Chapter 273: Health Services
  • Sanitation
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