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Falls County Special Non-Compliance Report

Jail Name
Falls County Special 
Report Date
William T.Phariss 
Original Report
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TJP Commentary
This was the second inspection conducted within three weeks of the first inspection which showed 14 serious violations. Executive Director of the Jail Commission called out the Sheriff on the county's intentional overcrowding practice. The county has a contract with US Corrections to house in-transit inmates. They are not supposed to be housed beyond 48 hours but they often are. The Sheriff's argument was that they are a poor county and this is the only way they can make money. He also had the audacity to tell the commissioners that the last inspection a few years ago resulted only in 4 violations because it was the inspector's last day on the job. If more violations had been found, they would have learnt from them and corrected their mistakes. Sheriff did not agree that the increase in violations could have been a direct result of intentional overcrowding and lack of regard for minimum standards and rules.

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